Friday, 6 September 2013

Oh well played! I knew it was fake when you could make coffee! Ha!

Watch this at first i thought, whoa! =O what a awesome phone i must have this! But when it got to the coffee part i thought...this is starting to sound like a load of bull honky, clever idea i want it to happen but right now? A phone that makes coffee? Maybe in 10-20 years but now? hahaha...Urm..

Must admit the thumbnail is a bit misleading =d this is the website
The Pomegranate

I'm sorry but i am laughing at this phone when it made Coffee, it just doesn't make sense or workout, haha wouldn't it break and make a mess?

Oh and shaving...good god xD
I am cracking up from this!


  1. OMFG!!! That is one hell of a phone LMFAO
    they must think we are all on crack!!
    the harmonica - WTF!!!!

    But if it is real - I WANT ONE - it makes coffee!! lol :)

    1. I want it so bad xD But it needs to make more than just coffee cause i don't like coffee =d

      it is fake by the way! But Sceince should crack on and make it!