Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sekemoto Adventures 29/09/13

Doing things a little bit more differently today, i have resently been posting more pictures on Tumblr since i've started this save, i will place links to posts so you can check out the adventures! and also i will upload all of the images to the facebook album so you can check out the pictures that i didn't post ^^;

First of all Marty has two kids, Aldo & Christel. There are two born in game Sekemoto kids, and they are Matt & Alfie, in this post Matt is a kid & Alfie is a toddler.

Hope you enjoy! ^^

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The facebook album:- the series of images starts here (Tap left for the next image) & that folder got full so all images continue from here

Enjoy the adventures! ^^

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow: Producer Gameplay Is Up!

It's a pretty awesome world! Though i have to say that i am slightly disappointed in the baby play mat, would of thought that the baby would laugh and bat the little thingies, now that would of been cute! :3

Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Sims 4 & Youtube

I was just browsing the internets one day and i got this message on the TS4 site

I had no idea that this was a promotional thing, i am not sure how long i've been there maybe a month or so? Also i hardly go there too, i don't even know what to say or post-but anyway i got that post and now i have a avatar!

Also i want to say something and i don't think many people who view my blog here know this but...


You can find a link to it in the "Social Links" area, in the near future i will be filling it with a load of sims content that i am sure you all will enjoy. Also i would like to know what you guys like, what do you find interesting in a Simmer Youtuber? Do leave a comment down below.

Also i am doing a series of vlogs too, i have been testing out my phone's video and set it to a good quallity setting or how my phone says it "Fancy" - if you want to check it out it's one of the most recent videos i have done! Oh and sorry if they seem a bit "Slow" & "Quiet" I haven't had much to say in such short space of time, but when something happens damn i'll tell you about it!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Sekemoto Adventures 19/09/13

It has been a while since i last reported on our adventures, but allow me to explain to you what has happened over the last few weeks...

There was this new dance school type place being opened near us and of all people Yumi wanted to go and check it out, she was ready to have a adventure outside of the house after baby sitting.

Also Mr Pea has found a new friend! This is Sunflower! She is one mysterious little flower...

At first i had no idea what she was doing, she was producing these strange balls of light...I had no idea what to do with them, they didn't burn our skin when we picked them up though they where quite warm...

A little rabbit told me that these balls of light are "Sunshine" makes sense doesn't it? and it helps plants develop more and do..plant things..I also found out that by talking to them they grew differently, ha...who knew eh?

I really have no idea what the hell David is doing and i don't think i should ask..

I went to visit Sammy the other day, i noticed that he forgot to take Mr Brick with him, Oh the look on his face when he saw him! He was like a child again!

Mr Brick..if you leave me again i am going to send you to the naughty step and i will let you think about all the wrongs you have done in your life!

Do you remember that little Rabbit friend i have? Well she made me this lovely shirt! and i want to tell her that it fits perfectly! She is a awesome artist!

Later, Leighton went to that new dance studio he was just as curious as his mother, he came home that afternoon complaining that he pulled something and he needed ice? I really have no idea what happened over there...

This is Grover..Our new pet fishy!

Sooo fashionable!

It's birthday time in the house, this was over the course of a few weeks, first to go was Matt & Alfie, then Clara & David then finally Sylvester, Paul, Oswin & Oswald.

Oh..p.s Matt got frozen..

There is just one thing i can never get used to with new babies...and it's the powder..

We also got a new pet! her name is Daisy! Wanted to name her after Leighton's Ex, Sarah...but..that wouldn't be fair on the poor thing..

One morning there was something up with Yumi, i couldn't put my finger on it...

The Lake froze one night and it was perfect time to practice!

Got something lovely in the mail today! It was from our lovely rabbit friend again! 

The Babies are making a error...

They where placed nice and safely in the playpen!

Leighton went to tip Daisy, he didn't succeed...Though by the looks of things he had loads of fun!

Rose, Astrid, Graham and Robin are now little toddlers! All ready for adventures for their very own!

Scott & Scarlet have some sort of magical powers!

He goes and tries to have a go again...Still didn't tip her..

Baby lift weights!

Daisy wasn't happy about that...

More presents!

Sammy went to do some ballet too! But i don't think David liked it too much...

More Cow errors, but Leighton feels great! He thinks he can tip the cow on his own! "Oh what a clever boy he is" *cough cough*

a birthday happened and it was for Peter, Josefin, Hugo & Emma

Mhm...looks like someone looks a bit worried about something..

Also Scarlet & Scott had a birthday too! Look how cute they are! They look so much like their father.

reaction to the crazy dancing...

Matt went to a protest...i wonder what change he wants?

Joel & Toby!...Joel i am questioning about...I haven't been "dancing" with any blonde guy...

Build a little room, i think it looks awesome and i think someone else agrees too.

Rose, Graham, Robin & Astrid had a birthday! Graham has a nice new shirt from Aunt Cor! he likes it very muchly!

Willow & Tom! Aren't they lovely?

I went to the store the other day and i found this on the shelf, it's about time that kids these days have a perfect role model that will never let them down! and what's more awesome about this has 17% more fibers! This is perfect!

Scarlet & Scott are kiddies and Jon & Julie are now toddlers!

My game once again had a error and messed up my save, buy mode messed up and then when i got into map view there was no way of getting back into live mode, i lost all the options so i had to force the game to quit and then i had to start again but i've quit the race i have reached up to 25 kids, still going to play the Sekemotos but properly now, no racing max of four born in game kiddies (cause of Leighton's life time wish)

Played a new file for a little bit BEFORE IT FROZE AND CRASHED >_> The crash log thingy said it was about an Ambitions update, i am starting to get tired of that excuse now :s but anyway! I'll start the save again when i've got Movie stuff and then i think it would be ready for Into The Future, will have enough kids by then :P, Might see Len's cousin!

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you know? A Supernatural?

I dreamt that we where all fairies and Sammy was a little boy again, from what i can recall..i brought him a walker so he can practice on his own...i think he liked it very muchly! 

Playing with little Sammy again was so much fun! I loved hearing his little giggles when something mildly funny happened, he is such a excitable bundle of joy, he really loved his bathtime! Captain Quackers was his favourite toy!

Blimey imma sprite!

Does purple really suit me?

By the looks of things...yeah!

Bumpped into a old friend! Makes a change on following him for a change...he normally follows us..

Ahhh! WOMAN! Don't make me jump like that!

Hmm, so that's why Marty isn't safe with her...

Oh Hey there!

Dafuq? Since when did he become a fairy?


I wonder what he was smiling about?...

Mhm...I think Leighton would care Marty =P

Thats all of the pictures i have today, you can find more and previous pictures in the Facebook Album