Saturday, 31 August 2013

This got me thinking, Thanks Julian xD

 Just thinking about the life of The Sekemotos (as i normally do :P)
The Sims 3 is set in the past before The Sims (Mortimer & Bella grow up and have Cassandra, guessing that they would be young adults) Sam is a toddler in TS3 while Mortimer & Bella are kids, in TS1 Sam could just be pushing to the Young Adult age while Leighton is having a mid life crisis and getting wrinkley yet Yumi could of passed away =d which thinking about that already makes me sad.

So TS2 is the future to TS and if sims up one age then i can see what is happening by the time TS4 comes around, hopfully the Sekemotos will make a come back but not as i/we know it, what i am seeing is Sammy will be a elder...and....Leighton has been dead a long while Q-Q, i have only seen Sammy as an elder once before in another save and it feels kinda odd O-o

I saw this tweet last night and i had a odd dream O-o
Welp, either way if they did bring the Sekemoto's back then i can see it being like that, would be awesome to create a future story! and either way i will be recreating anyway :P

I place this here for "feels"

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