Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sekemoto Adventures 13/08/13

So where i last left off Error Trap made Leighton look like a sim from TS1, I have no idea why he's gone purple too O.o funny..

Alfie is chillin' with his new found friend ^^

This was the last picture i took on my save before it messed up, thanks Miss Puff! >_>

So i started AGAIN! and the first thing i see is that everyone stares at Sam, Sam is just chillin right there ^^

Since i rememebered to make a crap load of room, i made Yumi a shed so she can live indipendently but still being closed to the family c:

I am going to try a conversational narrative, i haven't done it before should be interesting!


I have made my way into the Sekemoto living quaters, i plan on gaining the trust of the man of the household "Leighton" i'll help around, maybe teaching his son how to potty would be a great start! i hope he takes notice!

Hey Sammy! This is a potty, we go do our business in the potty! 
Wheee! Ooobers!
Mhm..Looks like Sam needs to learn how to talk, maybe i can find something that will aid him in this..

I'm sure they wont mind me buying a walker and a playpen, it's all for a good cause! Really! Look at Sam he is having a whale of a time!

Leighton seems really impressed with what i have been doing! Well...i think he's awesome and i am sure he feels the same way, Oh screw it i'm going in!

Whoa! Hey what was that all about? 
Well..Urm...this is awkward...I thought you'd be ok with this?
I would be ok, but i don't like to rush into anything serious.

I would prefer to take things slowly, get shorter hours at work and a better pay!

I'm sorry! Ok, I'll do it your way! If money is a problem i'll work the extra hour at work, and Sam he's learning so much since i brought him that walker and playpen! he's a little genious!

Hey...what's with the random waterworks? I'm really proud of Sam learning so much recently i'm sure he'll be a man of science when he grows up!
Yeah i am really proud of Sam too! I'm over the moon! But that's not the reason why i am sad..nothing has been going my way, i am losing a race!

A race? What are you talking about?
Oh nuts...urm well..It's urm complicated..
No! Rachel! Remember no secerts! If this is so complicated then try to explain it the best as you can!

Leighton your right! Well...Have you ever thought how we where all made? Where did we come from?
Heh heh...I do know where babies come from!
No i don't mean babies i mean how did simulated life start? Why are we in Moonlight Falls & not Sunset Valley?
Good question...I don't remember any moving vans, we just appeared here. It just doesn't make sense!

I continued with a long conversation about the cosmoss, time and space and the creation of life, i told him that there is another life above him, My world, the art of technology transported me here. Leighton just stood there in complete shock and confusion...But i continued...

So the race, I am in the middle of a 30 baby race, battling Julie at the power of reproduction and the creation of life and you Leighton are the perfect man for the job.
30..Babies...God Almighty! O-O

Which this was the end of day one and Sam was gaining his logic skill, clever boy already knows how to talk and walk! 

Hmm...If i had three blocks that gave me...urm...TWO! yes! I just made a breakthrough!

So a whole week passed and Leighton asked his boss if he could have just a few days off, he told me to do the same as he was planning to get something from somewhere and go for a day out somewhere? Well i'm up for an adventure! 

We went and had "A Night On The Town" 

We went to the pool for a splish and a splash! it was all good fun but until a certain someone ripped his clothes off and jumpped in, couldn't help myself but i stole his clothes! Muhahaha!

Oh where oh where could my clothes be?

Ok! How on earth did i not see that large box in his back pocket? When they say expect the unexpected they where not lying where they?

I know we really should have a Honeymoon but i can't bare to be away from Sammy, i know i am not his mother but i feel like he is my own, after the wedding and everyone left i went to play with little Sammy he has a load of fun on the Buzzy Bee ride! 

Come on Sammy! Daddy needs to have a word with me i got to bring you in!
Daddy must wait! I'm having way too much fun!
Sam, he doesn't have all night!

He too does have all night! 

Sam! I won't read your favourite book "Squishy & The Easter Egg Hunt"  I'm going to count to three...One...Two...

Oh Fine! You win!
That's a good boy!

When he said he wanted a word with me i wasn't expecting anything more! Well...the all in one bathroom wasn't one of the safest places to have a..urm "conversation" the sink almost broke! This was an experience!

Leighton took Sam out on the Buzzy Bee one last time before bed i could of swarn i heard some sassy speak out there!

Sam! It's time for bed and it's getting cold out here, i don't want you getting ill!
But Daddy! I don't wanna!

I don't have time for your sassy mouth young man!
and so my sassy booty stays put! 

If you go to bed now you can have chocolate pudding for dinner tomrrow!

Chocolate pudding? Ok!

It has been little over a month and i noticed some strange things happening, i have been feeling a bit ill for no apparent reason, well hope it's a baby! The Doctor said so..I have put on a bit of weight..

Brought a surf machine with the extra cash that's rolling in, i think it came with a free sea lion- we need to get rid of the crazy buggar it shot Leighton into the sky!

Yumi is indeed extremely excited for the new arrival, being a Grandmother her only job is the spoil the kid rotton! Isn't that what all grand parents do?

The birth was long and painful but you know what they say? No pain no gain! and what i gained was two beautiful baby boys, they are named Matt & Alfie, Alfie with Leighton and Matt with me.

I wasn't expecting to have twins at all! But none of the less i love them! they will grow up to be fine young men!

Sam's Birthday

Today is the day we celebrate the birth of Sam! and soon he shall be making his way to school, he seems pretty excited about it! 

He had a party! and had a play on the Buzzy Bee! 

Happy Birthday Sammy! ♥

Oh and you never guess what else happened! Yep that's right- going into labour!

Another set of twins! A little boy and girl- David & Clara


Matt & Alfie both had their birthdays, Matt took Leighton's hair and Alfie took Yumi's hair.

They both get along so well! They love to learn and play together, sometimes i think they are racing eachother in their little walkers, boys will be boys!

Leighton took the boys to the beach for a splash it was a fun experice for the little ones, seeing that much water for the very first time would of been amazing!

Having Mother-Son time is important! Having a cuddle and a laugh then showing him his new baby brother or sister.

Urm..I don't think Sam approves of flirting in his presents...

To The Park!

Sam really loves skating! he took to it like a duck to water! Though Leighton wasn't having much luck, i would of loved to join them but i am in a race here! 

Come on Dad! it's really not all that hard! It's so easy even Clara can do it and she can't even sit up!
Ok Sam! Show me how it's done heh heh...
Ok Dad just hold my hands...

See? Easy Cheesy!


I'm sorry son, i'm just not cut out for this, we should try again when we're less sore...

Clara & David both had their birthdays! They both took Yumi's hair, so far most of my kids have no charaistics from me but then again it is early days isn't it? they are still all baby faced!

Oh, here we go again!

Oh the joy of offspring! 


Never in all my days i have ever had four babies at once! Could you call this a litter? It looks like it, I had two little girls and two little boys all named, Oswin, Oswald, Paul & Sylvester

So how many children do we have? Nine, One boy, four toddlers and four babies...Rabbits have nothing on us!

For more pictures please visit here:- Sekemoto Adventures- Facebook Album



  1. L.M.F.A.O!!!
    That was really funny - you had me in stitches with Sammy!!!!
    Chocolate pudding !!
    and Yumi's shed lmao

    Slow down woman - lol - 9 already!!!
    you had quads too :)

    1. haha! This took me most of the evening to do, so much adventures :D
      Yup Nine xD got myself a litter, and it shocked me to see four babies =o Blimey only on 10% O.o

    2. LOL - you gave me an idea with this last night that I can't stop thinking about (rolls eyes) I think I might be doing something tonight lol :D

    3. Oh? =o I wonder what that is?
      and i should crack on and upload those videos before it's too late again xP