Monday, 15 July 2013

Olyesti, Gallifrey

Play if you like ^^;

Over the weekend i have been working in CAW figuring out what works and what doesn't and i am sure i did make a mess on a few things! ^^; but i managed to sort them out and make everything better! Olyesti is my first proper world that i have ever made, it's small....very small and it has quite a few hills, there are already 9 homes that have been built and in the plain version there are 8 empty lots and in the full version which i am currently working on has 7 lots (i missed judged on how many rabbitholes i needed ^^; ) But anyway if you like building, the plain edition is good for that, there are no parking spaces here and i will not add any in the full version due to the car bug...

So let me show you the plain edition, this world only has spawners, homes...yeah that's about it ^^;

As you can's not your typical green grass normal world ^^;  I wanted to make something alien and odd, something different, I have finished the Plain version and it is uploaded (i will add a link at the end of the post, Last night i have just placed down a few rabbitholes, i still need to finish the graveyard (i think) and build a few parks, other than that it's ready i still don't know how to add sims...if anyone has any idea that would be awesome i would love to make my own premades!

So here we have a little lonely house named "Old Keaton" and the huge Sekemoto Sceince Lab (that's the lot name ^^: )

There you have it! Olyesti, Full Version i am planning on getting it finished this coming weekend depending on how much i have written on my essay. Here is the link to the world Olyesti, Gallifrey Plain Edition

This world has only been up for a few hours and it has already reached 105 downloads...Was not expecting that! 10 maybe but 105 O.o

Monday, 1 July 2013

I had a little investigation!

You know when i said i didn't want to get Island Paradise? Well...Heh..I did a bit of research, asked a few questions from random players, mainly i took more notice of old computers and computers that are not gaming computers (i can't really study a test that has a more powerful computer to mine, now don't get me wrong i do have a awesome little laptop it's a Toshiba C660/C660D and it works like a dream it's a year and a half old and still works like new, it doesn't often freeze but when it does it's mainly my fault cause i have a crap load of Javascripts and stuff running.) So..the patch? Well yes that is MEANT FOR THE EP and not on it's own which does lead me to believe this is why some people had problems, Error Codes is mainly on space on your computer...ever since i have been using this machine i have never seen a Error Code and i still have a load of crap and applications on here, i can't remember how much i've got but it is a lot and enough for what i need! So, when people installed the EP the problems went away...Ha! See? WAIT PEOPLE! But!...There is a bit of a conflict with Nrass Mods (or any other mods i guess) and the IP world, from what i've heard one thing (the game) does one thing and the other (being the mods) does the other then BOOM! big mess and it's only that world that's causing a mess-again from what i have heard. I don't really play EP worlds, the only EP world i last played was Moonlight Falls then that got a bit laggy and i got fed up..and Sunset Valley...that began to freeze every few seconds it still amazes me that i could exit to the main menu! I now play in a custom built world called "Build Town" I can't recall where i got it but here you can find some lovely custom worlds! "mysimrealty"  So...I don't think i'll miss the world, i couldn't care less about the IP world, I can build a boat house in Build Town, there is plenty of water there, and i can cheat for mermaid anyway so...So i have ordered my copy and it should be with me soon! ^^ Now...i can sunbathe...IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN!

So urm also i have been learning to drive! This is how i feel about driving (feeling pro!)

when really...I'm more..

I've only had two lessons xD, I'll get better xP