Friday, 31 May 2013

This always comes into mind when i hear Island Paradise

Sunday, 26 May 2013

I made a vlog first vlog is up and ready! Sorry that it's all dark in some places i did try to lighten it up but yeah Vloggy is up :D (i wanted to make a vlog for a while now and i have done it ^^; but never again i am editing at 1am.. ._.' )

Was going to post it sooner but i was sleepy so i took a nap -0-

Monday, 20 May 2013

Newark house blast: Second body found

People pay attention to the news will you?

The air is a bit smelly now, gas and everything you know ._.
My brother is in college today i hope he's not coughing too much..

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Babhehs..babhehs everywhere!

I need to update ._. a lot has happened o-o...So urm..that yoghut though..

This is Matt ^^

Sammy is a big brother now ^^

Sam is still enjoying life ^^ -trying to break things ^^;

Never put the swing on fast Yumi! It makes little babies sick! D:<

Then she tried to kiss me ._.


Happy Birthday Sam & Matt ^^

Erm.. =o

Auntie Cororon brought Matt his nightwear ^^ he's a happy little bunny boy ^^

I don't know why he was sniffing the snake O.o

I think my thought bubbles are messed up =d is this a potato? Why am i thinking about potatoes? (i can ask that question in real life..)

this song..came into my head last night ^^;

Alfie is on his way ^^ Which reminds me of another song ^^;

My Alfie won't be like that Alfie =d

I guess his dinner had a bit too much spice =o

Yumi went and drank something from under the table o.o

Sammy asked me to read him a nice story ^^

^^ that story gave him an idea to drive that morning!

and his little brother was a little hungry too so he helpped with that ^^

He also had homework to do too! Playtime can wait!

Oh =o Matt it's your birthday! :D

The extreme game of catch!

Sam's payback was a sucess!

nothing better than slapping your younger brother will a pillow when celebrating an achivment



This guy gave me flowers ._.'

He accpeted them ._.'

Back home his arm broke

Our collection is growing ^^

and lastly! I hope..i hope this will be a little girl!