Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Sims 3 Island Paradise! & Picture Spam #27

I just want to start off by saying..HOW AWESOME IS THIS EP? It's nice to have a hoilday-ish like EP for a change! World Adventures was ok but it was sure was glitchy (most of the early EP's where a bit bland and messy but they sure kicked up their game when Pets came along and i am not including the Katy Perry Stuff and Showtime, i find them a lack of interest) But moving on! This EP really makes most of the useless water in the world! At the minute all you can do in seas/ponds is fish and swim..but with this EP there is more! :D take a look for yourselves :D (though most of the simming community would of seen the trailer already but oh well! xP )

  1. Sunbathing
  2. Little Toddler paddling!
  3. Jet Ski type things
  4. House Boats
  5. Mermaids!
and more and more! :D If i was to add a Mermaid to my house i wonder how they are going to get by..they can't really walk, would be interesting. Though i am wondering how am i going to get a copy? You have heard me complaining about GAME and their rubbish service of getting my copy to me on time but also the other supermarkets never sold Uni, ASDA, Tesco..they are the two main stores that should sell Sims games i have no idea what happened, England has been pretty useless with getting stock in for a while and it's starting to piss me off, i don't really fancy on getting digital downloads but if it's all going to fail here then..then i guess i have to go and do this but luckily! there isn't a limit to how many downloads you can have and who ever told me there was a limit thanks for telling me a load of bull crap! But anyway i am going to check Argos if everything else fails i got both of my current laptops from there (my crap HP laptop that lasted just a year was from Comet and look at where they are now? Yep gone) If and when i get a copy i will be looking forward to it! :D

Next the typical picture spam, Issue #27 Enjoy! and as always CLICK HERE for all of the pictures used in this slideshow.

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