Monday, 29 April 2013

Dear 17 Year Old Me

Dear 17 year old me remember that band you like?
You had crazy dreams to be a music producer
Just 'cause the lead singer is, Ha! You'll die of fright
You'll change, I know, options will become looser

Dear 17 year old me, Your in college doing a media course
When your my age views and opinions will change
Soon you'll find a University that you'll enforce
And seeing that band once more would seem strange

Dear 17 year old me stop the panic
It's time to study and work with your peers
Honestly chill! People would start to think your manic!
You'll hear them again in four years.

Dear 17 year old me, 2013 may seem far
And 21 seems ancient to you
Take these silly ideas and say au revoir
I was your age, i know, greetings from the future! BOO!

Your 21 Year Old Self

Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Sims 3 Island Paradise! & Picture Spam #27

I just want to start off by saying..HOW AWESOME IS THIS EP? It's nice to have a hoilday-ish like EP for a change! World Adventures was ok but it was sure was glitchy (most of the early EP's where a bit bland and messy but they sure kicked up their game when Pets came along and i am not including the Katy Perry Stuff and Showtime, i find them a lack of interest) But moving on! This EP really makes most of the useless water in the world! At the minute all you can do in seas/ponds is fish and swim..but with this EP there is more! :D take a look for yourselves :D (though most of the simming community would of seen the trailer already but oh well! xP )

  1. Sunbathing
  2. Little Toddler paddling!
  3. Jet Ski type things
  4. House Boats
  5. Mermaids!
and more and more! :D If i was to add a Mermaid to my house i wonder how they are going to get by..they can't really walk, would be interesting. Though i am wondering how am i going to get a copy? You have heard me complaining about GAME and their rubbish service of getting my copy to me on time but also the other supermarkets never sold Uni, ASDA, Tesco..they are the two main stores that should sell Sims games i have no idea what happened, England has been pretty useless with getting stock in for a while and it's starting to piss me off, i don't really fancy on getting digital downloads but if it's all going to fail here then..then i guess i have to go and do this but luckily! there isn't a limit to how many downloads you can have and who ever told me there was a limit thanks for telling me a load of bull crap! But anyway i am going to check Argos if everything else fails i got both of my current laptops from there (my crap HP laptop that lasted just a year was from Comet and look at where they are now? Yep gone) If and when i get a copy i will be looking forward to it! :D

Next the typical picture spam, Issue #27 Enjoy! and as always CLICK HERE for all of the pictures used in this slideshow.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

200th Blog Post! & A Huge Epic Thanks To My Whovian Friends! :D

Over on zowbux and Twitter (Mostly Twitter) I asked a few of my lovely friends if they could help me with a tiny questionnaire the questions where..

Question 1:- When you view Doctor Who what cultural aspects do you see within it? (for example does it have that British theme to it? )

Question 2 :- What connects you to the show? (For example what do you do as a fan? Do you attend cosplays? Collect items related to the show?

I wanted to ask fans on their views on the television series Doctor Who, Wednesday of this week was the deadline (short notice i know sorry! D: ) I managed to write about..600-ish words on the fan aspect of the show, if you think this is a lot? It's nothing compared to what i need to do next year, but onward to the paragraph! A shout out to Kehlan (TimeBoyInTheVortex) Stephen (Cybermat1963) and the captain of the good ship Zowbux- Oliver! Thanks guys for your help with my proposal! Now i have taken essences of all your answers and mixed them up into this paragraph, some are quotes to get the ball rolling and some are there to keep it rolling! Enjoy the 625 words! ^^; I could of written more seriously..limitations and everything you know =d

"Knowing  a  brief  summary  of  the  history  and the  first  script  ever  written  we  will  forward  onto  the  questions  that  where  listed  above,  these questions  have  been  asked  by  a  number  of  fans  from  the  television  show.  Asking  the  first question  this  is  what  fans  have  told  us:-  " I  think  it  has  a  bit  of  every  culture  in  it,  British, American,  etc... Which  is  what  makes  it  so  enjoyable  to  watch  because  you  learn  new  things from  the  show."  There  are  similar  view  points  to  this  comment,  another  young  fan  commented  that  it  does  have  a  sense  of  British  culture  within  the  series  but  not  everyone agrees  on  this  point  as  we  also  made  contact  with  a  older  fan,  they  told  us  that  they  can 
put  anything  into  the  show  these  days  and  some  of  the  plots  do  not  make  any  sense  but science  fiction  plays  on  the  role  of  fantasy  and  sometimes  make  believe.  These  three comments  are  all  very  bias  towards  Doctor  Who  and  in  some  shape  or  form  we  can  all  relate  and  agree  with  these  statements,  with  the  quote  from  a  fellow  fan  posted  as  individual  one  does  agree  that  within  the  new  series  there  is  bit  of  British  culture  with  some of  the  location  shots  and  establishments  but  also  pointing  out  that  some  locations  have  been shot  in  American  and  also  gives  off  some  of  the  American  culture  though  saying  that  for British  culture  not  all  towns  and  cities  can  related  to  London  and  the  same  applies  to  the dusty  plains  of  south  of  the  United  States  but  fans  do  adore  these  different  cultures  in different  episodes  as  another  "Whovian"  states- " I  loved  the  use  of  London  and  Cardiff settings  and  like  to  see  this  is  happening  again"   Just  to  explain  the  term "Whovian" is  a name  for  a  group  of  fans  who  follow  the  show  which  the  term  has  been  added  to  the  Oxford  Dictionary:- "noun  informal  a  fan  of  the  British  science-fiction  television  series Doctor  Who:  as  a  fan  from  way  back,  Barrowman  is  well  aware  of  just  how  passionate Whovians  are  about  everything  ‘Who’ " . Moving  onto  the  next  question-  What  connects  you to  the  show?  (For  example  what  do you  do  as  a  fan?  Do  you  attend  cosplays?  Collect  items
related  to  the  show?  One  reply  was- " Collect  Items  (Such  as  a  Half  size  Collector's  Dalek) and  much  more,  also  went  to  Manchester  when  my  dad  was  alive  to  see  full  size  props."  and  another "  make  a  whovian  social  network  for  fans" . Many  passionate  fans  do  tend  to collect  items  from  the  television  series  some  more  than  others  due  to  extreme  costs  in auctions  and  sometimes  bidding  sites  for  example  ebay  being  one  of  the  sites  in  question  but there  are  specialized  stores  that  sell  products  that  replicate  certain  aspects  of  storylines  and actors.  Looking  at  the  amazing  point  about  creating  a  social  network  based  on  the  series  is incredible  it  has  that  sense  of  giving  back  to  the  community,  while  researching  there  appears to  be  a  certain  number  of  sites  related  to  Doctor  Who  but  in  this  case  the  fan  site  made  for fans  by  a  fan  has  a  different  mode  to  it  in  a  sense  you  could  say  it's  a  lighter  version  of Twitter,  site  in  question-  Also  to  add  on  the  fan  experience  the  BBC  has released  a  few  free  to  download  games  and  some  games  that  you  can  play  on  the  BBC  site including  such  titles  as,  The  Gunpowder  Plot,  Blood  of  the  Cybermen,  City  of  the  Daleks  and  Shadows  of  the  Vashta  Nerada  to  be  only  a  few.  These  are  quite  interesting  games  for children  of  all  ages  to  play  and  have  fun.  

If you managed to get this far and your not a Whovian congrats! Once again i just want to say thank you guys for helping me! I was going to make a video but then i felt kinda silly and awkward so i made a blog post ^^;  But behold! A picture! =o

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary? Sounds Disappointing Right Now

Ok..Ok! I maybe biting a bit too quickly at the minute but the two actors who played The Doctor are starring in the Anniversary is David Tennant & the current actor Matt Smith, Don't get me wrong i do adore these two actors that are amazingly fantastic this post isn't a post complaining about David and Matt, i am complaining about the script! I mean seriously this is just complete utter stupidity! Only two actors who have played the role are appearing that's not a celebration that's more of a mash-up (a very awesome mash-up) In all honesty the BBC should of tried of getting in contact with the actors who have played the role already before but with one actor i am most pissed about is Christopher Eccleston he appeared in the role for only one series and that was in 2005 he had no interest in Doctor Who, this is where it gets stupid. When you play in a television series loved by millions shouldn't you really take a interest in it too? Nope Eccleston didn't  he is totally giving the middle finger to the whole series now. Chris you are a great actor hands down but you are a total...prat sorry, but moving on a friend of mine posted this on my facebook wall just a minute ago and it made me want to write something about it.

"Ex Doctors Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann have denied that they will be taking part in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special episode the Radio Times reports.

The three actors are currently in Australia attending a fan convention and appeared on the Australian breakfast show Mornings where they were dispelled rumours that they would be joining forces with Matt Smith and David Tennant for the special episode."

Click Here for the main article

“They’re actually making it now,” said Baker. “So the likelihood is, as we’re sitting here with you, that [we won’t be doing it].”

"Mornings host David Campbell responded to Baker's comment, saying “that’s sad – I think everyone should be involved,”  to which Sylvester McCoy replied: “All the fanbases all over the world believe that, but not the producers at the BBC.”

In all honesty, i don't care how old they are or how they look now the main thing is getting them involved in the script, it's Sci-Fi! Anything can happen, there has already been a mash-up type thing back in 2007 with David and Peter Davison, Peter looks quite different to when he played to role in the 80s and he's in this small EP...

Urgh, got what i wanted to say off my chest, being a utter Whovian Nerd this really matters, BBC you have been brilliant over the years but damn producers don't know what the fans want. Such a disgrace!

Whovian through blood! Watched repeats from 1994, watched the re-boot from 2005. My father is a Whovian, his parents where Whovians (in a way maybe not extreme like he is and me and my brother)

Finish off with a light note...Matt pulling the same expression when i look at my phone :P


Monday, 8 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher 1925-2013

As i was browsing The Lincolnite's Facebook Page , well it was in my newsfeed..i read that Margaret Thatcher died this morning due to a stroke, she was 87 years old. I don't have really much of an opinion on her politics but i know we are still paying off some of her errors today (we still have careless PM's) but she was the first (and only to this day) female Prime Minister, she was the Iron Lady and served from 1979-1990. Like myself she was born in Grantham (not in the same place! she was born here)


I would salute to this woman, not for her policies but for being the first woman to be the Prime Minister and also a fellow child of the Town of Grantham.