Saturday, 23 March 2013

Picture Spam #26

Finally got another picture spam up! I am starting to forget about them =d but not today! ^^; posting over 430 images and squished them down into a 8 minute video, hope you like!

Click Here

As you can see i have finally got a copy of Uni, after waiting two weeks of waiting i got what i wanted but that long wait caused me to buy a copy (at that time i had no idea if it was coming or not) So i have two copies, the Limited Edition that i wanted and a standard version, i am planning on selling the Standard version. I am currently researching and thinking of places that buys copies of the game cause apparently i can't return it cause it's no longer in it's packaging, which is dumb >.<

Also i would like to give a huge epic awesome thank you to Sharon, blacksheba1973 . She gifted me a Origin copy of the game on Tuesday. THANK YOU! I wasn't really expecting anything and this was super duper awesome! ^^ and yes it is a awesome late birthday present ^^ and i love it! and i am happy to say the game is being loved to the extreme!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Trip to St John's Asylum and New Swag :P

I went on a little adventure with my group to St John's Asylum in Lincoln, it's quite the place but there was no way of getting inside properly, and there where guard dogs apparently we saw a lot of cats :P)

All these pictures where taken on my phone, and i really needed to pee when i took these ._. bur anyway i had an hour to wait for my train to take me home so i went shopping :D i got some new posters and footwear :D

Friday, 1 March 2013

The greatest advert i have seen on TV xD

This just came on the telly and i was memorized by it xD Oh this pony! xD

I have been playing with that Pony Mixer and i am having a ball xD here are a few i have made! xP

Rapper Pony
Punky Pony
Bollywood Pony
Rave Horse
Rocker Pony
Hoofs In Love
Boyband Of Ponies
Funky Pony

If you want to have a play with the Pony Mixer, you can find it here!
The Pony Mixer

Enjoy! :D