Thursday, 28 February 2013

Birthday Presents and other stuffs :D

Hi everyone! I just wanted to stop by and show you my version of a Aurora Skies home (that world is completely shit and i wanted to see if i can do a better job than EA. Well at least mine is for free) You can take a look at it here.

Lítil fjölskylda heim (Little Family Home)

Also i have updated my simself! :D She looks more like me now, and dresses more like me. She is wearing a super cool bed shirt! :D

Rachel The Pengy- 21st Birthday Update

So, my birthday cards! :D

Now Presents! :D

I brought the Doctor Who gear and the socks and outfit!
my friend Adam got me the clock and the chocolates (which where really nummy! :D) 
and my Dad got a form for me to start driving lessons =P but i can't really take a picture of that =P but here is a car i want :P

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Picture Spam #25! & Birthday tomorrow!

But first things first, the picture spam! :P Sorry for the delay i kinda forgot that i had images piling up in my screenshots folder ^^; So without further ado! Here's the picture spam, hope you enjoy :P

All the pictures that i have used can be found in this folder here

and so it is my birthday tomorrow! I am going to be 21, if you're my friend on Simbook i have been counting down the days till my birthday! It is a little habit i do maybe when i am older i wont bother with counting down, and i am sure i drove a few people potty from it all xD I can imagine people where like this xD

I'm sorry! but it helps people to remember! xP but it will be all over tomorrow! The end is near! xP I do have a few plans for tomorrow AND Thursday! (xP) tomorrow is going to be a family birthday party and Thursday will be a birthday party with friends! I wanted to set it on Wednesday but it isn't a good day for people, one friend needs to go to the hospital and the other is working, so Thursday is the best day! GONNA HAVE SO MUCH FUN! xP Also i will be updating my simself tomorrow :P That'll be fun! :P

Look at what i finally downloaded the other day!

It doesn't look anything like that! ._. this is what it looks like!

But still! it's pretty cool! :D

Erm..Think that's it for now, see you later =P