Saturday, 12 January 2013

I've had some strange dreams this last week..

First, sorry for not posting here much (don't think anyone is too bothered but meh) I just wanted to create a post or something cause at the minute it's just a load of videos of my picture spams (speaking of picture spams i will be making another on Monday via my new laptop =D, i have 4 hours of nothing and..well i have been playing for most of the week so there is going to be a crap ton of pictures!)

So anyway, i have no idea what set off these crazy dreams. Must of been some sort of chemical reaction that happens in the brain, or just the huge amount of crackers i have eaten (i had a crazy craving for crackers, i don't any more now x) ) but with this first crazy dream before i went to bed i watched about 3 40 minute documentaries about North Korea, i was really curious and interested about their culture and stuffs, i am always curious, So i watched it, learned a few things, but when i was dreaming i was in the position of one of the documenters, myself and my crew where having a tour around the capital, we where only allowed to film important monuments and nothing else. I can only remember it very faintly now but we watched a performance, it was very alike to the one in the documentary i saw, it was very colourful yet not so colourful if you know what i mean, well i woke up at 5am thirsty so i had a drink and went back to sleep, then all of a sudden, i randomly had a dance off with Psy O.o it was completely random! This carried on for another 7 hours, this was one extreme dance off i can't remember who won though but it was funny xP

The second dream wasn't so bad but yet i have no idea how it began but i remember standing outside an American-ish looking house, i remember the paintwork was light blue and white, it was pitch black outside but there was a light on the porch, i was only out for a minute or two but before i knocked on the door i heard footsteps running, it sounded like it was coming in from inside the house, so i jumped back so i could protect myself from what's going to run out but then a tall curly haired man dressed in a black trench jacket and trousers grabbed my shoulders and stared at me. He yelled my named, i had a extreme puzzled face, then he hugged me. I asked who he was and he stood back and said "I am Sherlock Holmes, England's finest" he points to Dr John Watson "That over there is John, he's a Doctor" Still looking puzzled he offered to explain everything and anything, So i was sitting on the sofa eating a bit of cake, he came in with a bottle of sherry and he offered me a glass.

then i woke up O.o

just so you know Benedict Cumberbatch was Sherlock and Martin Freeman was John.

After this i went and watched the whole series of the BBC Sherlock, i cried so hard on the last episode of series two. Then got totally mindfucked in the process, i don't want to give anything away you have to watch it! O.O , I felt John's sadness Dx then my mind blew O.O then dot dot dot =o Now i am just sitting around like this wondering what happened =o

Erm, yeah that's what happened in my little chemical reactive brain the other day xP

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