Friday, 21 December 2012

Picture Spam #20- I SAVED DEAN!

Doctor Who and the French Dalek

Happy "End of the World" everyone! Here is a French Dalek..(the voice is apparently from Monty Python :P)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Sorry For No Picture Spam Yet and stuffs..

i have been kinda busy with essays and to those who i chat a lot with, i am sorry for not sitting in the chat and saying hello, i am not ignoring anyone i just want to get everything done =d I post on my mypage on TS3 kinda almost everyday if you need me you can say hello there. Speaking of My Page i have sorted all the fake friends out there, (and also on Facebook) i am doing a lot more better now, the crisis has almost ended but i still get pissed off seeing these people talking to my friends but..if friends want to be friends with them then that's ok, but i still worry that they would be taken away from me. The more i think about that the more i  worry, but it has been strangely quiet though, i don't's Xmas time, the most depressing time of the year, everyone is in bad moods for no good reason and take it out on you...Urgh..sorry ._. But anyway i'll leave it at that, but also i am meeting my Nan on Friday just to see how she is doing. Yep 21st my Dad's birthday and "the end of the world" Hm..I don't care what happens, if it happens it happens if it doesn't well i am watching the new Doctor Who series and getting a Mini Laptop. I know i was going to say i'd leave it at that but look at the new tardis

* cue sudden mood swing *

Look! =O it's! Only 6 days-ish till the programme comes back on TV, WHY MUST IT TAKE SO LONG TO COME BACK? D:<

I have no idea why but it kinda remind me of the Star Trek Enterprise in a way...but without any chairs, but i guess after the death of the Ponds it fits with his mood ._.

Oh god..
Buggar me O_O
the theme!
Christ it's going to be new! O.O

this was the last one, apparently it's going to be even more dark and gloomy O.O

I'm a Whovian, my Father is a Whovian, and probably my Grandad was a Whovian. Kinda funny how one family is connected to a really old show :P

I can name all the actors who played the role :P

but before i go on, i shall leave it at that, it's good to have something to obsess over when times are tough, i have no idea what Omri did to keep calm, but at least The Doctor can bring back parts of my enthusiasm.

Right i'm off, if you want to email me ask me for it on MyPage (i'll give you my TS3 email as a decoy, i don't want to post my personal ._. )

Welp this essay isn't going to write itself...Allons-y!

Friday, 14 December 2012

At least i have "Some" real friends..

I still don't understand what's up with people, Why would a friend treat another friend of mine the same but treat me differently. What is the matter with you people? I haven't done anything, yes i am going through a crazy time and emotions are swinging from side to side but can at least you all understand what's happening instead of moving away from me? Why don't you just act like a friend? Oh know what? You never really spoke to me in god knows when. I shouldn't stand for this! I am cleaning out all the people who i thought where my friends in all accounts i have, don't even try coming back to talk to me if you want to take my friends fine let that be, i'll see who are my real friends. In life there are so many people like you guys i just need to try avoid you all. When i had a chat with my friend yesterday about this matter he told me and i am sure people who are friends with me in this Community agree with him on this. "I can not chose who you want to be friends with, This is all up to you, I can't chose between you or _-_-_-" I agree with him and i have made my decision. Again i am disabling the comments i am having a crisis with this and i don't want people making me upset.  

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


A little randomness for the day! I love these types of dates and it's the last we'll ever see...or is it? =o


It was a lazy Saturday afternoon

Chuckie needed to go to "the little dogs  room until "

(Chuckie didn't need to pee after that shock, but he was wondering what silverware felt like)

Oh Magic, have you noticed that your feet look like tiny hamsters? They are cute!

So did that bird taste like Chicken? I'm hungry!

Omri isn't awake yet, i want Chicken

Chuckie, just follow me, i'll show you the huge Chicken!

i so can't wait to see this giant chicken, Magic!

So where is it?

It's behind you, Look! it's sitting on the bath!

I swear Cannon, that Cat needs help, Rubber Ducks are not alive!





My chair was just too far away, i'll just flop here

*Hours Later*
Oh thank goodness, he didn't see me...

The Timey Wimey degree is far too high-tech for people in this time, even for myself, i must travel back to the future!

and a 1,2,3 and..


Gurl, you don't know the meaning of stylish!




Well that shut me up..

How did i get out here?

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ok, I Have To Speak Up..

I have two topics that i want to address right now they are both extremely serious and the more in think about them, the more aggravated i get. The first topic is programmes about funerals and death, honestly who's bright idea is it to produce such things? I find it really mean and horrible (obviously right now it's really horrible for me at the minute because of my Grandad) but it's really sad, and at this time of the year too, it's meant to be a happy time not a time for sorrow, if my Grandad didn't pass i wouldn't be so pissy about this but i am. I understand that not many people would understand about funerals and death but this types of programmes are stupid and pointless, a person who hasn't experienced the issue wouldn't feel the same way as a person who has. Why people why? Why can't you just not bother and leave this matter personal and make something that isn't going to affect people. Yeah many other programmes affect people, but do you see my point here? Also the second thing that i would like to talk about is friends, i am having a bit of a problem with a few friends, Let me tell you something, what do you think when you hear the word Friend? What i picture is someone who comes and says hello to you, sticks by you. I have a few people in my friends list on Facebook and Simbook that think we're friends but i don't think we are, you can not ignore someone after so long and still call them a friend, I have TRIED all i could to keep the friendships going but NOTHING nothing at all, i am wasting my time with people, and you know what? the people in question NEVER gave me support even though i have said i am in a bad time and i want people to keep a on me AND you still want to be "friends"? You can forget about that, if you leave a friendship and ignore it, that's it. You may like adding people and "be friends with them" on your friends list, i don't! I like to have friends in my friends list cause they are my friends! I am not naming these people cause i can not deal with any crap right now.

Thursday, 6 December 2012


it's finally over..



Now i can get back on with my life..again..

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Well Funeral Tomorrow

11am, should be around two and a half hours ish

that is all..