Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Picture Spam #13 Found out where the extreme sad music comes from...

I was greeted by Mr Chuckie, he just wanted to say hello! :D

Though he is always confused about things all the time

So yeah, remember last week when i wanted Omri to have puppies? and posted a list of names and i came first? Well this is how everything went, when i turned on my game last Thursday sim-me got a bump!

Bethy created he new simself the other day but it had a ton of Store stuff =d So what i did was i copied everything she did on her new simself onto the simself i have of her already. So first she threw a Witches Brew

and a apple appeared! and her wings vanished!

and then i dressed her up :P

Chuckie looks extremely happy here =O

Mr Omri...the Teddies..

Are for your new puppy! :D

Well done! This is quite magnificent news this is indeed is indeed quite indeed!

Paco:- My!
Cor:- Gah I never need to wash my armpits after this, bleh!

The little puppy wanted to come and say hello! :D

And now.... :P

Meet Glarn Ash! :D (was hoping for a little girl so i called him Glarn :P)

Omri feeds his new puppy happy puppy milk! Glarn is very hungry and was ready for it :P

What? Magic! You have him all wrong! Glarn is a little Puppy! Oh who am i kidding? Glarn is somehow a Hybrid, He has puppy powers and Witch powers! He is classed as a werewolf but has a witch icon colour around him, and he has a wand!

EM became the tragic clown :P

Our Butler! :D Kermit! :D

Omri:- ♪ My Little Fluffy, you'll always be my little fluffy! ♪
Paco:- Erhhhhhhhhhbarh! I want to play with this Puppy!

Bethy:- Where did that come from? What happened from within this last week?
Paco:- My God..His face! the Horror! THE HORROR!!!



Omri:- Wont you join us at our little tea party? *insane laugh*

I can hear them! I can hear the happy little green people dancing! They want Cheddar Pizza, THEY WANT CHEDDAR PIZZA!! >:D

Come little Glarn, smell my armpit!

On to other crazy shiz..


Omri made big puddle =d

yes it is smelly smelly isn't it? :P

Since Omri peed his pants i had a chance to give little Glarn a nuzzled and a cuddle ^^

Oh hey look! :P


*snotty nose*

Cor is a tragic clown too! =O

Glarn is now a toddler :D he looks like Omri but he has my round squishy face :D

Pooping like a puppy

Looking at that face, i can see Omri :P

Walking like a puppy

And erm..eats like a..piggie?

Talking like a puppy

Oh...Chuckie needs a wash =d

Kinda looks like he is playing ping pong with his butt :P

Later that night Glarn saw his father do something really dramatic! and he wasn't singing ♪Happy happy joy joy happy happy joy ♪

He really loves his son :3 Quite cute to see i think ^^ makes me feel all warm inside ^^

Omri:- Bethy, the reason why i asked you here today is..something about us needs to change..
Bethy:- What do you mean?
Omri:- *le sigh* Bethy...I noticed i have been a bit of a playa in the past week thanks to the witches, my head is clear and my gentleman self has returend, and now i am a father to a magnificent young boy, i want to focus on him..if you understand me.
Bethy:- No Omri, i am not quite sure what you mean here...

Omri:- Bethy...I think we should end this relationship, I don't want Glarn thinking that being a playa is cool, it's not, i want him to grow up to be a fine young man with a future!

Bethy:- You know what? Go sniff another dogs butt...

Cor:- Omri sure sounds a lot quiet this evening he normally dancing to Oogie Ooige and Glabin' and Glarn'in but he sure looks awfully pissed..
Bella:- But doesn't Glarn look so cute in that little suit? 

Omri:- ♪ When i walk in the room, this is how it goes, Ladies go woop when they are staring at my toes, Bwahahahaha Imma sexy clown ♪

....... O_O
His's mind has gone whoopy doo =d

Anyway..I was off to get a super cute pony but then i saw this :O

Chuckie's  Great Grand Puppies :D Lucky & Bear :D

Got a little Pony :D her name is Cannon! She's so cute :D

Cor Meets Cannon :P

Magic:- Meow?
Bethy:- No Magic! Dont give me that look! you know it makes me want to pee!

Magic:- Oh well Meow to you!

Bethy:- Oh i am so blaming this on you!
Magic:- But! Meow! i am only a cute meowing kitty!

Glarn:- I wove you Aba!
Kermit:- What? Your Father is a Swedish Pop Act? 
Le Me:- No! In Hebrew Aba means Father! :D

Omri:- Oh my god Glarn look! Look! 
Glarn:- What on earth are you talking about there is nothing there apart from your hand
Omri:- Oh my god it's going to come and eat you all up!
Glarn:- I find that very un-logical..

Glarn:- Bwahahaahah! No Stop! Can't take it! XD

Glarn:- That was strange..

Glarn:- I am John Mole and i am a secret agent of the MATRIX

They will never find me here!

Omri:- Once Upon a time in a land far far away! There was a little Squishy Bunny Named Cororon! and she really liked potato salad!

But then the evil toothpick stole all the potato salad from Cororon and was never seen again!

Then Sparkle Butt flew down and farted over the evil toothpick and saved Cororon's potato salad! But to Cororon's horror she spotted loads of cup cakes everywhere from when Sparkle Butt farted, Cor lifted one up and asked...Are you going to eat that? 

Glarn:- Hee hee! I love the Adventures of Squishy and Sparkle Butt! :D

I wove it when Aba reads a funny story about Farting Penguins! :D

It's Glarns birthday now :D

Glarn sure loves the rocking horse! :D

He dreams about being a dragon ^^

Bella is quite talented! =O

Chuckie...get back in the house!

Omri reads Glarn a story about making elixirs :P

Glarn:- Hello? Any monsters in there?

Glarn:- Aba! There are monsters under my bed, and the monsters made me pee myself and...i can't go back =d

Son, i'll make us some hot coco, go wash your armpits and i can tell you the crazy story of how i met Chuckie!

Toda Raba Aba! 

Chuckie is being crafty again!

Chuckie:- Oh Woof! She knows i am messing around, i must act cute!

Er...Maybe Later..

Glarn give little Cannon her bottle :D he is such a good boy! :D

Cor has several faints o.o

Nooooooo! the Horror!

Her eyes are wide open =d

Cannon aged up :D isn't she pretty?

Omri peed near his bed =o

EM made a little Pengie :D

Paco had a pee :P

And again later in the sink o.o

Happy Birthday Glarn! :D

No, Don't, Can't drive there!

Bethy Tells Glarn off for some reason..

Glarn:- Aba, Bethy grounded me for no reason and there is a prom coming soon i really want to howl at the moon!

Hmm, i wonder what happened to all that fried chicken...

Oh, you can go play with your friends! Just remember to pick up some fried Chicken when you come back! I think Chuckie hid it all..

He's a happy fluffy!

*Le Gasp* there is a penguin in the garden!


Hi Chuckie ^^

Glarn goes to the prom! he had a awesome time :D

Teeth! :P

^-^ Your hair is quite fluffy!

Ok Glarn is seriously quirky o.o xD

Paco! Stop peeing yourself!

Cor teached him how to ride :P

Meow! I have a ball!

Glarns first horsy ride ^^ Well second if you count the rocking horse :P

Magic is being Magic O.O

What-chu doin' in there boi? 

Heh heh heh perfect prank!

Omri:- I smell dye on you son! You haven't been dyeing yourself on any other part of yourself have you?
Glarn:- I have no idea what your talking about Aba, must of been mother or one of the others, must of been the cat, cats like colourful things...

I swear your hiding something around here, surely you didn't dye your butt..

Remember Son! Ladies like a Gent with a mustashe, top hats are magnificent too, monocles are for Saturday evenings

So Son...time to talk about the birds and the bees, how much have you be shedding?

No all that often...


*continues to freak out* 

Oh my gawd you just peed! D:

Oh my...first sign of Doggie Pubity, you pee yourself when you get shocked

Oh the horror!

*butt scratch*

Glarn:- Oh not again i just had a shower already!

We should be getting another little puppy soon! ^^

Cor got pranked on :P 

Fear between the two :P

Hmm, my beard helps me to think...

Son you forgot the mashed potatoes!

Mah Teeth!

Omri no like zombies =d

That's one big puppy!

Puppy time! :D

Meet Baby Glabe! he's born human but i am sure his puppy dog ways will come soon! :D

Just want to say thanks to everyone who downloaded and rec'd the sims and pets in question wasn't expecting to get high download counts on such tiny story items, thank you all so much! :D