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Supernatural Picture Spam 6! More Loving? O.O

First things first News! First top story is if anyone has entered Omri's Premade comp and you haven't entered your sim yet, the deadline is 1st October. If your having problems meeting the deadline please post on the thread here Premade-ness! A Premade Sims Related Contest! Or you can get in contact with me by either clicking one of the sites to the right here.

"The contest is open until October 1st (might be delayed if needed), you can join and post anytime until the day it closes, then the judging will be taking place... :) "

"To join, please post telling which sim you picked so they can be reserved for you!(If you changed your mind, please tell so that another simmer can pick the sim you chose)"

In none sim related news, i have added a TwitPic application here, if anyone can see it i will be adding random pictures i see in my day to day life (like if i see something interesting and i want to share it i'll post it there)

So yeah! On to the picture spam! First a quick song from Mrs Goth :P

Oh! I found these on Tumblr :P i think a dancing Darlek is amazing! :D

Anyhoo :P random pop-ups! and a wish from Cor! =o

I have added Bethy to the household! :P ( i don't have the will power to write any stories so i added her now ^^) first thing she did was act like a doggie :P

Chuckie was a bit confused about a fairy acting like a doggie

Then he felt like grooming his coat =o

Bethy Meets Cor for the first time :P

Magic feel proud to live in such a large house =o

Chuckie seems a bit angry for some reason =d

a really really angry fluffy =d

Oh Hey! Don't mind me i am just being fluffy! ;)

He was getting all fluffed up over nothing so Bethy gave him a brush ^^


I love doggies! :D

Chuckie's night light :P

That following morning..."Hey EM Look up! :D"

Thank you! I'm Cold! ¬-¬

Cor fell in love with the green light again -.-

Hey Bethy! There was this one time i shedded all over the floor!

I heard Bethy flirt with Omri but i missed it ._. but i got his expression though :P

That wasn't very lady like of you Miss Mai, One must carry a book on ones head to be a proper lady

And i must say flirting randomly isn't acceptable!

I mean come on!

How on earth would one carry a book about Madam Goth with that hair clip! It would surely topple over!

Why is there a dog in a suit talking to me? =d

Eating sausage in the bathroom... 



what the heck are you talking about? :S

Don't anger a doggie! =d

Huh! I'll find someone to woo-hoo with! ¬-¬

Oh Please!

I hid behind Bethy's wings and got this effect :P

♪ It's Chuckie Time Again!!! ♪

Little Boy! Why are you thinking about heartbreak? =d

Cor went to take a nap at the Elixir store but all of a sudden a zombie watched her while she slept =o

EM was beating up a were-wolf o.o

So erm..yeah do you like cookies?

Chuckie dreaming about roast chicken again! :P

Zombie? D:


No one must never know i scream like a lady ¬-¬

Ermmm...I can't eat your grainz!!

I'm gonna bop you one zombie!

That...doesn't look human =d

Oh god what is that your doing? =d

*screams louder*
*Zombie retreats!*

Quick Bella scream! they don't like loud noises!

Oh god the sink is broken!

Chill Omri! Cor's fixing it! :P and aren't her little sprite wings the cutest? ^-^

Oh god i just fixed the dirty toilet!! ( O.O )

**Meanwhile in the None-Supernatural Universe**

Play this! *shakes fist*

Pengy?...Is that you?...After all these years?...You haven't changed one single bit...

Cor...I am not the Pengy you know...I am from the Supernatural Universe..I am here to save you and your friends lives, including my none-supernatural self..Tell me...who else here is still alive?

My goodness a Supernatural Pengy...this is quite overwhelming..I...I...I..

Please Cor...Tell me who here is still alive!

Myself...Yourself, Omri, Paco, EM and Now Bella is a Vampire but currently going through her mid-life crisis...

What about Chuckie?

* Silence *


Dr Pengy, Chuckie passed several years ago, he lived a full life, full of love and happiness, Omri hasn't been the same...

I'm sorry Cor, i really, really truly are, Chuckie's spirit is far too far away from my reach, but i'll try all i can to bring him back to you...

Now Play this! *shakes fist more*

Now beg pardon old dearie, this shouldn't hurt...

Keep still Cor, the regeneration will start in a second!

Whoa...this is...strange!

Oh my..oh my..oh dear..this is weird...

I must leave you now Cor, everyone will regenerate soon, they will be too confused about what's happening they will stand still, When i figure out an idea on how to get you Chuckie i will be back, i have a idea bubbling up in my head right now...but for now...Bye Bye! *goofy smile*

Thanks Doctor

*Meanwhile back in the Supernatural Universe*

Hey Chuckie look what i've got! :D

What have you got there then Omri? 

Doggie Fluff Regenerator! It will make your fur extra silky and er...make you a puppy again...

Bella:- Omri? how on earth did you get into Rach's workshop? She is the Doctor and we shouldn't mess with that stuff!
Omri:- Oh Pfft...I did this before Bella..Have you noticed that Chuckie isn't a old doggie yet?

I can feel the regeneration again!! It's tickling me! :D

Ok, check everything, little legs? Check! Fluffy Tail? Check! I'm still a dog? Woof Woof! yep..Still a Dog!

Hey...hey dude!! Mines bigger and manlier than yours! 

Chuckie had a fight in the back garden with the stray dog...

This was the point where Cor wanted to kiss EM :P

I am off to get you EM ;)

Cor you came to me at a hour where i am still in my ask me to help you with your love life? Here is a spell to aid you...Ooogie Ooogie Boogie Ooogie Oh!

Oh thank you Pengy! Now i shall go and make EM love me!

As the lovin' starts Paco awakes from his slumber and asked everyone to move out of the way.

Would you please move out of the way! I am feeling quite peckish!

and look! My arm is dead! ¬-¬

they finally kiss! :P

Seriously don't start making out in my bedroom! I AM still here!


While lovin was happening Omri was in the Arcade! :P

Looks like things aren't going to well =d

He accidently hit himself =d

He managed to win 10.000 points! :D

A well done meal is needed! :P

More? =O

He has a play with "The Claw" :P

He got a ghost! :D

Ohhhhhhhhhhh it slipped =d

Damn you claw! I shall have a word with your mother when i get home!

So he tries again! 

He Won! :D

He loves it! but i think he hit his funny bone on the wall =d

Oh dear =d

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