Saturday, 15 September 2012

Supernatural Picture Spam 3! :D

first i would like to make an announcement, Omri started a comp a few days ago and i am one of the judges, it's about Premades! recreation and makeovers if your interested you can follow this link
Premade-ness! A Premade Sims Related Contest!

Also as in story-ness i shall be starting it soon, also i thought about creating a Torchwood spin-off, it will include Omri, Cor, Em and Bethy.

Omri's Theme Song For Doctor Who Themed Story

i thought it would be cool to give each member a theme song :P i will search for other themes for the others soon! :P

So today i install the Peashooter and had a whale of a time! :D

Isn't Mr Pea cute? ^^

He's a happy little pea ^-^

what do you think Chuckie? ^^

Here is the Peashooter in action! ^-^

this random cat is called Babycakes O.o

Dawg...i heard you like plumbobs so i give yo plumbobs in plumbobs so you can see plumbobs in yo plumbobs...DAWG!

the mirror dressed Omri and i must say..pretty stylish there :D

EM was super thirsty she wanted fresh blood for a change, she's got a bit board of boxed blood =d

Ahhhhhhhh Zombeh! D:

LOL!!!!111 OMG IMMA BIRD!!!!111111 (O_O)

hey frogs can i pee here? the Sunflower is annoyed =d

trying to freeze a zombie =d

Heeeeeeeeey me Kermit! :D

Careful Paco! =d

Well done =d

a one, a six, and why the hell am i waving this stick?

Fairy prank! :D

Oh Cororon! ^-^

EM can't stop changing her clothes :P

Omri told me to get this so i did :P


*drinks Omri's skill exlir* thank you Omri that was nummy ^-^ i could taste honey! :D

Bella wearing blue! =O and Chuckie dreaming about stones! =O

Chuckie wants to play with Cor, he loves her little house ^-^

I shouldn't of done this =d Sorry Bella Sr

Poor Chuckie saw it all happen :(

Got her back, i love the gold colour! =o i tried many ways to make her human again *quick ways* but nothing worked =d

Hello Bella Jr! :P

Cor seems happy ^-^

this confused me =o who is Paco's lover?

♪ A Squishy out on a adventure! ♪

I say Bella, whats with the golden dress?

what's up Cor? =d

Sit and chill with Mr Pea then ^-^

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