Thursday, 13 September 2012

Supernatural Picture Spam 2! :D

Cor went a poured sparkle magic all over the crops ^-^ she wants them to be all big and strong! ^-^

Omri was being a butt and growled at poor little Chuckie =d

Cor went and fixed the sink ^-^

My Zombie Pen ^-^ they can't get out! >:D

Paco thinks he's epic Mr Badass cause he's playing "The Master" if your not too careful you'll fall off that!

And now for my next trick Omri i shall make you lose your clothes!

Cor! How dare you! now my legs are they're not... =O

Boney Belly likes Spaghetti teached Chuckie to sit up! :D

Omri had a play with the cutter machine ^-^

He was a tad hungry so he went and ate some honey ^-^

Cor fixed the upstairs toilet! DON'T FALL IN! D:

Paco make a chicken appear :D

Bees? O.O

EM has sparkle butt quallites :P

Mirror mirror on my floor, who is the funkiest of them all?

Trust me Cor! I'm the Doctor... (¬■_■)

The mirror has a thing for this type of dress...

Don't know what's up with paco =d

Getting dizzy =d

the mirror dress him this morning :P

More badass skills :P

having a quick drink, Omri tries to watch the TV in the garden :P

Oh magic 8-Ball can i go play outside? :D

YAAAAAAAAAAAY! I can go playz! :D

Oh magic 8-ball can i play a game? :D

Omri throws stones :P

and EM can't stop changing her clothes =O

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