Saturday, 29 September 2012

Supernatural Picture Spam 8! :D *Uploading Today Cause I Have Load Of Pictures :P*

Thought i'd post a update now ^^ i have loads of pictures =d :P

So Yes Randomness first!

Forever a simbot...

And what's all this then eh? :P

Thank you Mirror! ^-^

So Bethy and Omri are not getting along very well =d

Was it a bit hot for you? :P

Meow =^.^=

=O Omri is regenerating! Must of been chillin' in the Tardis too long :P

This is a regeneration :P I couldn't find a video with the exact moment when the Doctor regens, there is one where it's got ALL of the regenerations and another that's been filmed on a potato =d So here is a picture of the last proper regeneration..the exact last one was when Matt got shot but..yeah Matt's still Matt :P

I guess the same applies here :P

Ohh...Cor set Omri's butt on fire =d that's what he needed to repair :P

Chuckie is a ninja! :D

The hell's happening here? o.o

I am trying to complete one of the goals where you throw 30 elixirs at sims, i have done that and i haven't got the badge yet :/

A good fluffy ^^

Whoa O_O Chuckie angry again =d

The random faces of Chukcie :P


Do you quite mind? i am trying to have my dinner here!

Cor got a makeover! =O

Chuckie sitting outside in the you do?

I'm gonna haz u so hard

Flirtatious Veggies? =o

EM started to catch fire so she went and play games :P

Kitty regen ^^

I made a small shopping lot and a club, there is a zombie bar man there :P

Omri heard flirting =o

This isn't very gentleman of you Paco ¬_¬

This, that..knick knack paddy wack

Oh really? Eh?

Paco..we're through!

This is how a gentleman slaps! Take That! Hahahaha!

How's about them apples eh?

Cor made a new friend! :D his name is Rin :P

Chuckie had a bad dream about green dragons =d

Whoa..hello there o.o

On another save i am doing what Omri is doing "a speed legacy" i managed to set it up as it supposed to be then i thought...Is there a point? So i just set everything back to normal and carried on, i wanted to see fairy babies :P So this is me...and *ahem* the guy from the train ^^;

His random name is Bret Manley ^^ you can find him here

Hey Caliente Witch look up!

Muhahahaha in my power! >:D

Meet Chuckie! ^^ He loves to dance :D

Lets dance Chuckie!