Saturday, 25 August 2012

More Funnies! =D

Urgh! I love my wet house but everything seems so dirty ¬_¬


Is that a spider?

It's gonna touch me! O_O

Hahahaha! It's touching you! >:D

Ewwwww ¬_¬ it's touching me!

Oh this is not nice O_O

Why did a chicken just explode in front of me? O-O

Oooh Stop throwing them at me x_O




Freaking Chickens! O_O

Omri? =d I had a bad dream :(

Can i sleep with you? =d


Gender-Switched! =D Meet Omi & Cheekie ^-^

I know Chuckie is a male doggie, but if i made him a female doggie the only difference would be he will be peeing sitting down so he's a female kitty ^-^

Cheekie is a bit skittish, just like Chuckie

Everyones! :D

Cor's male-self, Conoror! =D Omri's female-self, Omi ^0^

This is bugging me O_O is it me or does Conoror look like Patrick Stump? =O

O.O i didn't do this on purpose, this is awesome yet...weird O.O, one of his songs...

Anyways ^-^ you have all met Rapheal! :D and this is Paco's female self Patrica! =D

and Yes Miss Cheekie :D

Omi went outside and cried about the Pose Player

Rapheal tried to cheer her up about how awesome homes are but she wasn't interested

Omi-Hey did you know that Conor's armpits smell like horsies? :P

Wait a minute...*sniff sniff* She's Right! O.O

Patrica went and made dinner :P

Omi wanted to say hello to Cheekie while dinner was being made ^^

Oh well done Pat you burnt dinner -.-

Cheekie loves to pose ^-^

My feet smell, but how can they smell with no nose? 


No Catnip No Hugs!

Pat, your such a hard worker! Do you think my armpits smell? :D

Smelly armpits make me laugh :P

Patrica what do you have to say for yourself? Burnt Mac & Cheese? Really?


Urg...Gotta Pee...

Oh...i hope no one saw that D:

Patrica needs to pee too, but Conor was in there taking his time...

Being Smelly :P

Play this :P

Rapheal wanted to fix the TV...

It wasn't a good idea =d

Conor was worried :(

To Be Continued! =O

I made a random and silly trailer it's not meant to mean anything but i had to do it after the conversation i had earlier xD i hope you like the landscape and shots! :D


  1. I was curious to see my male-self as well. :p What happened to her?

    1. D: i forgot to add her sorry :( I''ll sort out her male self when i start playing again! At the minute i am thinking whos who will be which supernatural, the main two i've got at the minute is Omri's a were-wolf and Cor is a fairy :P