Sunday, 1 July 2012

New Minecraft Skin and silly glitches :P

i just want to show everyone that i finally made a skin for my Minecraft character. It took me a while but i did it :D when i was making the skin i kinda missed out the inside of the arms =d i goofed but oh well ^^ it's not really obvious :P

^^ i based it on my Simself, i have red glasses :P i have a purple jumper i have white and pink shoes the trousers where random :D the hair is very light compared to my normal hair :P and there wasn't a eye colour that fit so i made it purple!

this is a pig :P

now for the silly glicthes i found, i was playing yesterday (i am playing snapshot 12w22a) i notice that some villagers bob up and down in the ground and now the mobs are doing it and staying there O_O even when i turn to peaceful.

i must admit i was kinda nervous when i was walking around creepers, i didn't want the one who was near my wheat farm to blow anything up >.< and i didn't want the group inside my mushroom plantation to explode either =d but when it was on peaceful they where still moving (zombie's arms would move up and down and so would the skeletons too) O.o i don't mind it but it's kinda weird. 

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