Saturday, 28 July 2012

London 2012 Olympics! :D

Oh my goodness the opening was awesome! :D the whole production was awesome! :D there was a few weird bits but it was brilliant! :D i really really loved it! i just wanted to post some clips from the opening ceremony, the BBC has only posted two videos at the minute :P . The first is the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony: Isles of Wonder. 

See what i mean? I love how they added Great British music to it and a certain two cartoon rodents ;) One of the greatest clips within the production as got to be James Bond escorts The Queen to the London 2012 Olympic Games (that's not the only one :P there is more but the BBC hasn't posted any more yet ^^; ) I have got a feeling that Paco might like this xD

seriously, that was pretty damn awesome! xD James Bond, Corgi's. Oh Corgis are oh so much cute-ness :D I want one! :3 or two...or maybe three... ^^;

^^; i could post cuteness all morning ^^; Ok one more

So yeah, i just wanted to post this ^^ if there was more clips i would add them, but the opening and James Bond was just brilliant!

Wait...tell a lie, i found one more ;) It's the one and only, Mr Bean! =D


  1. The James Bond video isn't allowed in my country *rage* D:<

    anyways, I NEED TO SEE SKYFALL NOW! And by now, I mean effing NOW!

  2. Booooo...they blocked all the videos. Party poopers. (not you Rach ;) )