Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Darren Dreamer's Death

At 108 days old Darren Dreamer died in was once his garage, he was reading one of his favourite books until he hear his wife Darleen calling to him. *Darren! Darren come to me!* Darren closed his eyes and awoke to find his book on the floor and his pregnant grand daughter in shock.

*FINALLY* cried Grim, i have been waiting years apon years for you Mr Dreamer. I get a call from the office telling me a Dreamer has died but it has always been your children. Everyone in the underworld keeps teasing me, Oh you'll never get Darren Superman Dreamer! , I told them i'd show you, I'll show you all! Today is MY day! Muhahahhaha!

Fine then Mr Reaper, take me away! Bring me back to Darleen, i want to see her again. I hope you don't mind me asking but how has she been? Then Grim repiled with a casual tone, Well Mr Dreamer she has been doing pretty well, she does miss you quite a lot and hopes that you can return every single day, did you know that she has taken up limbo? She is pretty good at it!

Grim, you may take me away but please! Let my Grand-daughter bring a beautiful baby boy into the world! Please i want my legacy and glorious name to live on!

We'll see what happens Mr Dreamer, but this isn't really my job you see, i don't bring life...i kinda...take it, Now come on! you are wasting time.....***And so this was the end of Darren Dreamer...Or was it?***

Darren & Darleen finally meet once again! Darren met Patches and Sew the family Cats that passed years ago, He also hugged his two children Dirk and Dina, he was so happy to see them again! **THE END!** Or is it? =O! Dun dun dun dun!!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

London 2012 Olympics! :D

Oh my goodness the opening was awesome! :D the whole production was awesome! :D there was a few weird bits but it was brilliant! :D i really really loved it! i just wanted to post some clips from the opening ceremony, the BBC has only posted two videos at the minute :P . The first is the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony: Isles of Wonder. 

See what i mean? I love how they added Great British music to it and a certain two cartoon rodents ;) One of the greatest clips within the production as got to be James Bond escorts The Queen to the London 2012 Olympic Games (that's not the only one :P there is more but the BBC hasn't posted any more yet ^^; ) I have got a feeling that Paco might like this xD

seriously, that was pretty damn awesome! xD James Bond, Corgi's. Oh Corgis are oh so much cute-ness :D I want one! :3 or two...or maybe three... ^^;

^^; i could post cuteness all morning ^^; Ok one more

So yeah, i just wanted to post this ^^ if there was more clips i would add them, but the opening and James Bond was just brilliant!

Wait...tell a lie, i found one more ;) It's the one and only, Mr Bean! =D

Monday, 23 July 2012

Weather Mod Of Awesome w/Cor, Paco, EM & Omri

I just wanted to post a picture spam :3 the weather mod is AWESOME!! you can find this magical wonder here "Time/Weather Change Mod By cmomoney" Cmomoney is a awesome modder! =D

Here are some pictures! ^^

Time to take a look at the strange liquid falling from the sky

Chuckie seemed quite happy about the snow! ^^

Dressed for the season! :P

Chuckie playing in the puddle! ^^

everyone splashing about! ^^ Cor got rain in her eyes :P

Then it started to snow! ^^

Now Pictures i took from the memories application in game :P

Red Overcast in Appaloosa Plains! =O

Playing Fetch in the rain! ^^

Mr Chuckie! Your bottom might get cold!

Doggie Puddle Fun! :D

Someone needs a coat! ^^

What is he doing? =O

Snowing! ^-^

A face palming squishy :P

Red Overcast in Lucky Palms

Purple Water! =D


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Clothes Through The Decades

During my free time on Friday (after i finished my essay on Life On Mars ) I wanted to create some clothes from the 1970s it was fun! but then i wanted to continue i carried on making 80s & 90s clothes, i hope you enjoy them! :D


Freshtone Woman's 70s Shirt
Freshtone Woman's 70s Dress
Freshtone Gents 70s Top
Freshtone Gents 70s Trousers
Freshtone Gents 70s Outfit


Freshtone Womans 80s Skirt and Tights
Freshtone Womans 80s Pink Top
Freshtone Womans 80s Jacket
Freshtone Womans 80's Metal Trousers
Freshtone Gents 80s Neon Jumper
Freshtone Gents 80s Neon Blue Trousers
Freshtone Gents 80s Jacket


All clothes are CC free, good clean squishy fun! :D

also i just want to say thank you to all who have downloaded the clothes i didn't expect to get so many downloads in such a short amount of time, thank you ever so much guys! =D