Friday, 29 June 2012

Playstation2 Premades Update #2

Hi Guys just updating everyone with the latest two recreated premade homes and sims first we are going to look at Tranquility Falls i will introduce the premades, first sorry that/if the images are fuzzy i took them from my phone and off the TV i have no other way of getting any images

the premades in TS2

and now for the magic! the recreate sims!

^^ and the house that they are in

There you go! Tranquillity Falls! And now Alien Crash Site

Bios and the premades! ^-^

the magic continues!

There is a HUGE hole on this lot, it's meant to be there, it contains Alien items some may find it junk some may find it as treasure. Many sims have ventured into this crater but never came out alive. Jonas wants to be the first man to find whatever is in this crater, he believes whatever is down there might be affecting the water supply. Legend has it that a certain Goopy Gilscarbo visits the crater, no one knows how he gets down there or gets back out. Some say that Goopy is an alien, other say he is a sandwich short of a lunchbox and this is his holiday spot, no one really knows.

i hope you enjoyed this little update, i still have the bio dome to make and the bonus and free play sims and homes to make! =D