Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mega Ultra Super Nova Update 23rd May

Hey guys, posting another huge update lol! first things first Episode 4 of my lets play is now up and ready to be viewed by everyone! i hope you enjoy it! :D also i just want to announce something, i am starting to consider moving my lets plays to my own channel, why? well...honestly i fell like i am the only one keeping the Simstopia's channel alive, i haven't seen any other new content apart from mine, and i am getting a little annoyed, i thought this was going to be a group project. I am honestly upset and annoyed...  Now i understand that there are exams going on and stuff, but i haven't heard anything from anyone, and this is why i am so bothered, i just don't see the point :/ if i don't see anything new by next wednesday, i will upload one last video there saying i wont be posting on SimstopiaTV any longer, and i will link folks to my channel where they can see my Lets Plays and name that premade (which i am in the middle of editing, sorry that its taking a while to do) I am sorry but...i am seriously ticked off >.> So anyway, here is the latest episode, and it might be the last... who knows?

In other news i have been to the job centre today, and to my surprise there where hardly any part time jobs, just a load of full time jobs (most of them looking pretty crappy) and what i find stupid is that the only two part time jobs where delivery jobs (mainly driving everywhere) for one i can't drive yet and two, that sounds boring =d

and also last but not least, i have uploaded the first three levels of premades from PS2 you can find them here PS2 TS2 Premades i still need to get a few more sims, i have restarted my saved games so i can get a proper look at the premades (they might of changed since i last played, which was quite a bit ago O.o)

but anyway! i have already posted Shorline Trails in my last post so i don't need to do it again. This is Rockwell Acres :P

This is Cliffside Retreat!

i hope you like the houses and sims guys! they may not be 100% correct but i did do my best! ^^

also i saw Paco post this on facebook, i died laughing at it xD

if you don't get the reference then... you have a funny film to watch xD 

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