Thursday, 31 May 2012

Holy Crap They are finally uploaded! Oy...

My 5th EP is finally uploaded! it was due yesterday but it took so long, i couldn't be bothered to have a late night (didn't want to be a zombie) 5 hours it took, and it's only 32 minute video, i tried uploading it from the upload button on youtube, but that took forever (that's why i tend to upload from Movie Maker. But anyway i have uploaded two videos today, one is my last message on SimstopiaTV

and my 5th EP

you can still find them both in my Lets Play section here. Oy... that's the last that i'll be uploading today 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bad Mood + Sweet Treats Advert = Perfect Time To Rant

I have been on off this bad mood for a few days now and this moment is a perfect time to let my anger out. So anyway, i just saw this video pop up in my sub box today, why the eff am i still subbed to EA? Oh way maybe i can see what stupid and waste of money ideas they keep throwing up at us. Well guys this is the video in question.

i had to HTML edit my post, the youtube search couldn't find it. Ha! Youtube is protecting me from such crap...But anyway my thoughts on this, flipping heck the colours! if you was a 6-9 year old girl you would love something like this, when i was 6 i used to make a mess of everything and colour things a certain colour. I recall doing something like this in TS1 when i first got it. My very first homes where so...neonly bad don't get me wrong, i love neon, it kicks ass, but there are some places where neon colours shouldn't be. Flipping heck what is the point in this pack? I hope it doesn't come out on console, As a console player Sims was great sure in TS2 they couldn't have children but social part of it was crazy and awesome, but i am slowly going off topic here EA YOU ARE THE BIGGEST SELL OUTS I HAVE EVER KNOWN before i rant about other things which piss me off about EA i will finish my rant about this video, enough to make your mouth water, what exactly voice over man? what? there is a shit tone of clothes for women and only two sets for men. A BIT SEXIST MUCH? seriously there has been enough clothes for women than anything else, Sometimes i find it hard to dress my male sims, some of the male items in the game is a bit too... erm what's the word? oh yeah GIRLY. For gods sake when will they ever take into account that guys play this too, and i don't mean 12 year old boys that play kiss chase i mean guys and lads that are in their mid teens and older, if my dad had time and if he knew how how play he would try to play sims. I have noticed the rating when up to T for teen, why doesn't this surprise me? it's those damn (pardon my language) fucking cupcake bras with cherry fucking nipples...what in the fuckity fuck? EA you have a lot to win me over for the next EP, and as for the Diesel stuff pack....please -.- why do we need more advertising in our game? i haven't heard of Diesel until i heard it from others, i just thought it was a freaking car fuel :/  Well this is all i have to say about this shit pack, oh sorry.. Stuff Pack, I am sorry but it all went down hill when Showtime came around, and that's a crap of pointless crap you can disagree with me on that but that EP is not worth my time.

So ok another thing that pisses me off about EA, their damn compertions. Most of these are only available in the US erm hello? wake up call the US isn't the only place on the planet that plays video games.

Now don't get me wrong, i like Katy Perry, but this is shit...

That's about it, i am all angry out at the minute, if i have another mood swing i'll just find something else from EA to yell about :P again sorry about the bad language, but it was a bad mood swing and needed to be getting rid of. Too many awesome people, they don't deserve to see or hear me being moody D:

did someone say...captions? =O!

and also i wanted to post a short video i made today :P it's about Chuckie and his new family ^^

Sunday, 27 May 2012

So After Name That Premade...

i want to do some music videos ^^ i have a few songs in mind, they are very different in styles and genres but i love different, So the first two are from Eurovision, i am not really bothered about the places they came, i just think they are pretty awesome, i do have stories in mind for them ^^

2 of them will have premades in it, Jeward WONT! lol!  i hope to find some hyper animations for them lol

Saturday, 26 May 2012

I always pull this face when i see this :P

i don't need no translator ;D

lol randomness of the day :P

that is all :P

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :D Baby Swans!!

the other day my University said that a swan gave birth to a bunch of cygnets, oh my god THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! XD

*giggles like a silly little girl* xD xD i must kiss them! but their mother might eat me :d

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mega Ultra Super Nova Update 23rd May

Hey guys, posting another huge update lol! first things first Episode 4 of my lets play is now up and ready to be viewed by everyone! i hope you enjoy it! :D also i just want to announce something, i am starting to consider moving my lets plays to my own channel, why? well...honestly i fell like i am the only one keeping the Simstopia's channel alive, i haven't seen any other new content apart from mine, and i am getting a little annoyed, i thought this was going to be a group project. I am honestly upset and annoyed...  Now i understand that there are exams going on and stuff, but i haven't heard anything from anyone, and this is why i am so bothered, i just don't see the point :/ if i don't see anything new by next wednesday, i will upload one last video there saying i wont be posting on SimstopiaTV any longer, and i will link folks to my channel where they can see my Lets Plays and name that premade (which i am in the middle of editing, sorry that its taking a while to do) I am sorry but...i am seriously ticked off >.> So anyway, here is the latest episode, and it might be the last... who knows?

In other news i have been to the job centre today, and to my surprise there where hardly any part time jobs, just a load of full time jobs (most of them looking pretty crappy) and what i find stupid is that the only two part time jobs where delivery jobs (mainly driving everywhere) for one i can't drive yet and two, that sounds boring =d

and also last but not least, i have uploaded the first three levels of premades from PS2 you can find them here PS2 TS2 Premades i still need to get a few more sims, i have restarted my saved games so i can get a proper look at the premades (they might of changed since i last played, which was quite a bit ago O.o)

but anyway! i have already posted Shorline Trails in my last post so i don't need to do it again. This is Rockwell Acres :P

This is Cliffside Retreat!

i hope you like the houses and sims guys! they may not be 100% correct but i did do my best! ^^

also i saw Paco post this on facebook, i died laughing at it xD

if you don't get the reference then... you have a funny film to watch xD