Friday, 13 April 2012

Wow, This makes me sick

Battered Mars Bar? who in their right mind would eat that? do you honestly know what it looks like? O_O it looks like something that would come out of your backside.

Mars bars are nice, but battered? i am honestly glad that this thing isn't sold in my part of the country, i really do feel sick just by looking at it, honestly i was about to get a bucket >.>


  1. LMAO!!!!
    They really are getting to you aren't they!!!
    I personally don't like them - but most do :/

    1. Bahaha xD well they look like poop! >.< who would eat something that looks like poop? and fried? it's nuts! O_O
      crazy poop eating people >.>

  2. This reminds me of deep-fried twinkies, so it's no surprise to see battered and deep-fried candy bars (I read that there's a variant of Monte Cristo sandwiches made that way...). :-P