Saturday, 7 April 2012

Kinda planning something here

i am slowly making a 2nd blog for the premade recreations me and Omri are doing, the idea came up when i heard that EA tends to delete files randomly to save space, that kinda nerves me a bit since i work hard on recreating the appearance of the premades. So, so far i have saved most of the premades and placed them on Mediafire, i have worked on a logo too. What do you think? what can i improve? i do want to keep the glow though.

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  1. Do you have an account with mediafire, or are you just doing the free upload? Be careful if you are doing the free upload. Mediafire has deleted just about every single one of my creations I have uploaded to them as a free upload. The other day they deleted one two days after I uploaded it. Some people are having good luck with the free upload, but speaking from my personal experience...I don't trust them.

    Good luck! And give me a link to the blog. I'd love to see what the two of you came/come up with. :)♥