Thursday, 19 April 2012

I really should say something

something just set me off about what happened a few weeks back, all i have done was bottle up my sadness, i shouldn't of done that but now that will change. I want to talk about my dear friend who passed away in late March, I am not going to say anything personal, nothing not her name, nothing. But she was a simmer, the very first simmer i ever met. She welcomed me to the Officials, the only one who stuck around to talk to me. Always looking over me on that nasty forum over there. If someone bothered me, she said don't take them too seriously, what wise words, I met so many amazing people most of them are my close and best friends and i honestly don't know where i would be without them. As the months went by our friendship grew stronger and stronger, she started to become more of a mother figure to me. I could tell her anything! We had a great bond going on she was always there for me if i needed help with something she was there, if i was really upset about something she was there, no one ever got in between us. She was a active member of this little group i had called the SFAA, back in the day it was on the EA forum, mainly back then it was a thread to say how long have you been off the forum etc but over time it became a random topic thread. 0000078 was a huge inspiration to me throughout the two years of being a TS3 simmer, her sim Brice was and still is very iconic.  Words can't describe how amazing 000078 was, to me and everyone else, I hope you will guide me the rest of the way. Rest In Peace my dear friend, you where my hero and will always be. 


  1. She was a great person! I'm glad she is remembered and still loved <3 I know the simmer (not personally though) and this is very unfortunate :/ I'm glad she stuck up for you and inspired you; she seems like an amazing person; she is definately resting in peace :) Hope everything is going good for you as well!