Monday, 30 April 2012

News! & My first fraps video O_O

I am never satisfied with one scheme for my blog, i get easily board of the same thing all the time. I noticed there was this nice red theme, then the idea came to me, Red Dress, Bella-ish, Hell why not eh? i think my simself looks great in a red dress :P So last night i created a little photoshoot with her. These are the photos that i have taken and obviously the one you see at the top i thought fit best :P


Stylish! Isn't she? :P

and now...for my first fraps video, Now parts of it, it feels painful to watch and i wish my mind didn't go blank, but that will be the first thing that i will work on for my next practice video, because if i am going to do some lets plays for Simstopia i need to chitter chat, you know :P and don't sound so derpy (well i think i do) Funny thing is that i haven't got anything to talk about in Minecraft, Meh who is really bothered if i start talking about The Recreation Of Premades site i have got going, but yeah..yeah that will be the topic for my next practice video, but honestly i am never ever going to do a 20 minute video again :/ it had taken around 4 hours to upload and process, i think 5 minutes will do fine, i am sure no body will mind :P

and so...the video O.O i think i get better towards the end where i am fighting mobs, but you know practice makes perfect!

Also tomorrow i shall be going for my yearly eye test, i was going to book mine for today but they couldn't have me so i am having it tomorrow, i am seriously ready for a new prescription. I honestly think my eye sight has got a lot more worse, i am beginning to be a lot more short sighted :( and i thought i was improving. But anyway they will tell me what i need tomorrow, i think most of the time there i will be picking which new specs i like :P i can't go for crappy ones! i do like thick rimmed glasses though :P    

Friday, 27 April 2012

Do you see what i see? O_O

i was on a adventure in France and i was waiting for my sim to finish what they where doing, i was looking around the lot...then i saw it, i don't know if i should blame Kay's "special" bush she found or my mind went walkabouts, i mean look at it!! it's erm, manly O_O


can you see what i see? i mean look at the rugs!

i don't really know what to say about that lol...

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

More Premades Added! and...Figwit wants to show you his new fancy dance :P

Hi guys i have just updated The Recreation of Premades site, now you can play the Tricou household, you can find them here Enjoy! :D and now for Figwit, i have had a bit of a problem trying to get this video to view, it was banned in over 200 countries just because i used this song

:( Figwit likes that song, he rocked out hard to it, i had to add a new song so everyone can see him dance, you can always turn off the audio and play Nicki :P

if it still says it can't be viewed or something, tell me cause after a while the new edit should be done, also i have filmed him dancing to "Hot right now" by DJ Fresh, he likes that, but not as much :P

^-^ he has a fancy hat

Monday, 23 April 2012

Meet Figwit!

he is my new little robot squishy toy i got today! :D he's so silly, squishy and funny ^-^ he dances to music (well he tries lol...) and you can poke him and he can sneeze :D first things first, some may be wondering what the bloody hell i am talking about here, well. I saw this advert on the TV and i fell in love with the little orange thing ^-^ some people call him Poopy xD but his real name is called Zingy

xD i am freaking obsessed with Zingy now xD look at him! he is so cute! :3 then i did some research on him and he was a special made MyKeepon, (I REALLY WANT ZINGY!!! xD) *ahem* the Wiki says...

"Keepon is a small yellow robot designed to study social development by interacting with children. Keepon was developed by Hideki Kozima (小嶋 秀樹 Kojima Hideki?) while at the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Kyoto, Japan. Keepon has four motors, a rubber skin, two cameras in its eyes, and a microphone in its nose.[1]In the context of Kozima's "Infanoid" project, Keepon has been used to study the underlying mechanisms of social communication. Its simple appearance and behavior are intended to help children, even those with developmental disorders such as autism, to understand its attentive and emotive actions. The robot, usually under the control of a teleoperator, has interacted with children in schools and remedial centers for developmental disorders since 2003.[2]Keepon achieved popularity with the March 2007 YouTube release of a video in which the robot was depicted dancing to the song "I Turn My Camera On" by the band Spoon.[3] The video was made by Marek Michalowski of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, US, after programming Keepon to dance to musical rhythms. Keepon was subsequently featured in a WIRED Magazine-produced music video for Spoon's "Don't You Evah."[4]Keepon's awards have included the €10,000 Robots at Play Prize (Odense, Denmark, August 2007);[5] the Best Interactive Demonstration Award at RO-MAN (Jeju, Korea, August 2007); and the First Grand Challenge in Human-Robot Interaction at ICRA (Pasadena, CA, May 2008).[6] Keepon appeared at WIRED NextFest in September 2007 in Los Angeles, CA and September/October 2008 in Chicago, IL. Keepon was a special performer at the 2008 Webby Awards.Keepon is currently available for purchase at $30,000, though a price drop is speculated after simpler mechanisms are developed. Furthermore, in response to Keepon's online popularity, a toy version, called the My Keepon, was announced in January 2010 by Wow! Stuff in conjunction with BeatBots.[7] The toy aims to "[capture] the essence of the Keepon character", including its reactivity to touch and ability to dance to music. It became available for order in the United Kingdom and the United States in fall 2011, and began shipping in late October 2011. The makers say part of the profits from My Keepon sales "will go towards subsidizing and donating BeatBots' research-grade robots to therapists and researchers."[7]"

Read the wiki page for more

this is figwit with a fanciness ^-^

and him when i just got him ^-^ i was on the train home :P

and now for the videos, pardon me for my silly 12 year old giggle, i couldn't help it xD

=D isn't he cute? can't believe he needs 8 AA batteries 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Thursday, 19 April 2012

I am proud to announce!

that the little project that i have been working on is now ready to view! I hope you enjoy the site as much as i worked hard on it, there will be more to come in the future!

The Recreation Of Premades

Enjoy! :D

Good News Everyone!

i have a few things to cover in this post today but i would like to get the most important things said first. Remember on tuesday that i had a short timetable? and hardly knew what was going off, well this morning i got a crap tone of emails from tutors about this matter. The first one (and i am not going to post them all) was from my Mediation and Representation Tutor.

"Hi Rachel,
Many thanks for getting in touch with me about this, and also for spotting this problem. As you say, the module MED1015M does not appear on your timetable, as I have checked. I have also checked my timetable and the timetable for the module, and it would appear that there is only one seminar, run by Andrew Elliot on a Thursday. This is patently a mistake, as ,as far as I am aware the lectures and seminars for this module are running in weeks 31 and 32, at the same times as usual, in fact I have received an email to that effect. I have ccd both the module leader and the programme leader in to this email so that they too get this message, as this could pose severe problems if misinformation has been conveyed to students. Please, for the moment, presume that the seminars and lectures are going to take place, and if you see friends then pass this message along. Be alert for email messages or announcements on Blackboard.
Best wishes,

This was another message, telling me what times are the new next year modules happening

"Dear Students,

- just a reminder that the following sessions will be provided over the next weeks to give you more information on Level 2 modules. If any modules you are interested in aren't listed please contact the Module Coordinator named in the attached 'Level One to Level Two' file. Please note that some but not all may also be of interest to FTV students.
This information and the Options Choice form are available in the 'Options Info' folder on the 'Media Production Subject Site' on Bb.

Please remember that your completed forms MUST be submitted to the Faculty Office by 4:00 Tuesday May 8th.
all the best and hope you enjoyed your Easter Break
Mike Mason
Programme Leader, BA Media Production

Mon 23 April
11:00 - Photography & Design in Context, Colin Reiners - Design Lab 4
12:00 - Design Projects, Colin Reiners - Design Lab 4

Tues 24 April
10:00 - Women in and at the Movies, Diane Charlesworth - MB1001
11:00 - Modernism & Experimental Forms, Mike Mason - MB1001
12:00 - Representing Reality, Mike Mason - MB1001
1:00 - Horror & Fantasy, Dave McCaig - MB1007
2:00 - Globalisation & Contemporary Culture, Dave McCaig - MB1007
2:00 - Digital Media Graham Cooper & James Field - MC0024

Wed 25 April
10:30 - Photography Projects, Adam OMeara - MC2219
11:00 - Representing Difference - Latin American Cinema, Sarah Barrow - MB1011

Tues 01 May
12:00 - Digital Media Projects, Graham Cooper & James Field - MC0024

Wed 02 May
2:00 - Multicamera Projects, Television & New Media Entertainment, Society, Aesthetics & Digital Media, Tony Richards - Jackson LT"

"Dear Scholars,

If you’re curious about photography in the second year and wish to find out more, then please come along to our option event we’ve organised on Wednesday 25th April from 10:30 to 12:30pm in the Digital-lightroom (MC2238/9) and the Photography Studio (MC2240).

A group of second year students will be on hand to show work, discuss their experiences and answer any questions you might have. Mike Downing our learning advisor for photography will also be available to explain and demonstrate equipment and facilities encountered in the second year.

There is currently an exhibition of second year student work on the ground and second floor of the MHT Building and a public screening of their project ‘Reconsidering the Family’ (a series of short films using photographs, moving image and sound), in the Jackson lecture theatre on Tuesday 1st May at 5:30pm

I do hope you can join us."

In all honesty i do prefer photography, it will fit so well with what i am doing, but...not doubt things will be talked about on Monday, i hope so O_O

and in other news, you may have noticed that i have added a new link on my "ways to contact me" This is the little thing that i have been working on over the past month, its not yet finished, so don't even try to click the link cause it wont work ;) But i will give you a little spoiler, this is the banner

Yep =P Fanciness!

Also today i have noticed that we have a filter option on the EA forum

about freaking time! i seriously got peed off with amount of simport message and other things, some people were starting to spam, now i can see wall messages now without seeing who's hosting who at what park.

and also to finish off, i am planning to go get myself a part time job over the months, i do have two weeks of Uni left and i don't start again till september 

I really should say something

something just set me off about what happened a few weeks back, all i have done was bottle up my sadness, i shouldn't of done that but now that will change. I want to talk about my dear friend who passed away in late March, I am not going to say anything personal, nothing not her name, nothing. But she was a simmer, the very first simmer i ever met. She welcomed me to the Officials, the only one who stuck around to talk to me. Always looking over me on that nasty forum over there. If someone bothered me, she said don't take them too seriously, what wise words, I met so many amazing people most of them are my close and best friends and i honestly don't know where i would be without them. As the months went by our friendship grew stronger and stronger, she started to become more of a mother figure to me. I could tell her anything! We had a great bond going on she was always there for me if i needed help with something she was there, if i was really upset about something she was there, no one ever got in between us. She was a active member of this little group i had called the SFAA, back in the day it was on the EA forum, mainly back then it was a thread to say how long have you been off the forum etc but over time it became a random topic thread. 0000078 was a huge inspiration to me throughout the two years of being a TS3 simmer, her sim Brice was and still is very iconic.  Words can't describe how amazing 000078 was, to me and everyone else, I hope you will guide me the rest of the way. Rest In Peace my dear friend, you where my hero and will always be. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

They surely can't be serious about this...

seriously look at my next term's timetable...this is for 2 weeks O_O then thats it! :/ i heard that i will be learning something about employment, but honestly why couldn't they talk about it in term 2? before easter! i could of chilled and found a part time job for the next few months ahead :/

i have just sent an email to the admins about this, cause honestly i am confused, that's not a freaking term! >.> But it shall be nice to get my butt back into Lincoln, i haven't eaten all of my fruit loops which comes to me as a bit of a surprise lol! 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Good Lord I am so addicted to this game...

The game is called Binding Of Isaac, now don't judge me to what wiki says about it, i'd have to agree it's a bit O____O but honestly the gameplay is addicting, how can i describe it? well it's kinda like some Zelda games (so i have heard) this is what the wiki has to say about it.

"The Binding of Isaac is an independent video game designed by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl. It was released on Steam on September 28, 2011. Players control a crying naked child named Isaac or one of five other unlockable characters. After his mother receives a message from God demanding the life of her son as proof of her faith, Isaac flees into the monster-filled basement in order to escape with his life. The gameplay and interface both closely resemble the NES title The Legend of Zelda, while its randomized dungeons and items, as well as permanent death, bring it more in line with roguelikes.[1]On November 1, 2011, it was added to the Humble Indie Bundle as part of the Humble Voxatron Debut[2].The game's title and plot are references to the Biblical story known as the Binding of Isaac."

i love the songs that come with the game, this is my favourite!

The Wiki Page

Now the gameplay, one of my favourite gaming commutators on Youtube plays this a lot, and i was very curious to see it in my sub box, so i went to the very first episode. Take a look, it made be odd at first but it's alright =P but if you don't like creepy, dark, emo, creepy, weird stuff then...don't watch it =d

Wolv21's Channel he also does Minecraft too, the skyblock is pretty damn funny too i enjoyed watching that xD

i am currently at episode 50 of his Binding of Isaac series. I am a bit a n00b when i play it myself xD but practice makes perfect! :P

Saturday, 14 April 2012

A word of warning about a certain piece of store content

the item that i am talking about is called The Hypnotizer  it is a corrupted piece of content, it's corrupted enough to reinstall your games. So just a word of warning be careful!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Wow, This makes me sick

Battered Mars Bar? who in their right mind would eat that? do you honestly know what it looks like? O_O it looks like something that would come out of your backside.

Mars bars are nice, but battered? i am honestly glad that this thing isn't sold in my part of the country, i really do feel sick just by looking at it, honestly i was about to get a bucket >.>

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Which is Better?

i honestly wanted to post something about this advert i saw on the TV the other day =D i love the little squishy thing dancing :D i must have one >.< i always stop what i am doing every time this advert is on. The ad is from an energy company and it's addressing a new price promise, i think...*too distracted by the squishiness*

Oh today EA put out this advert, i knew it was going to come and it reminded me part of Paco's new story. the chapter that i am talking about can be found here and i quote (best line ever! xD) ""It's not like a had a choice with you guys threatening to tie me to a chair and force me to watch the Head-on commercial looped. Do you understand how devastating that commercial exactly is? I bet marketing designed it especially so you got a headache from-"" After watching this count yourself lucky that your not being tied up to a chair cause this ad is a load of crap!

i just have an headache thinking about it -.-' don't get me wrong i like Katy Perry and everything but this is just, pointless and how is the word "table" a simlish word? there hasn't been any effort put into that song (simlish) nor the stuff pack.

Also if you didn't see the "THE SIMS 3 KATY PERRY'S SWEET TREATS PREVIEW EVENT" (-.-') you can see it here (go to 17:00 minutes to see the crash)

the stuff pack crashes on them! xD i laughed 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Drinkify, now that's just brilliant!

i just found this interesting site, it's called Drinkify, what you do here is that you enter an artist that your listening to and it gives you an alcoholic drink best suited to drink when listen to the artist you typed in. Here is an example, "Phil Collins" i listened to this song

the page also plays a random song of his, i have no idea what those ingredients are but, it looks fancy =P

so i tried it again with my favourite Koran group F(x)

Hahaha! XD it's a small vodka! xD doesn't say which, shame D: i like Vodka Blue, fruity-ness, but i think it means the REAL vodka not the sugar pop xD, but hey, i'm up for a small real vodka.

Hmm, what next? i know! ABBA! :D

and it's just redbull xD i can live with that haha
my first Israeli artist didn't work but, my 2nd one did =P

Hmm...can't beat scotch.... O_O

and lastly Fall Out Boy!! =D

and what the heck is this? Beer?... that erm. What? O.o

but anyway, i just wanted to show you guys this, i thought it was awesome! i have almost sorted all the premades so maybe i'll get the rest done tomorrow then maybe start work on the blog wednesday or something? i don't know. but anyhoos here is the link, enjoy! :D

Oh i am such a.... -.-' i forgot to post ABBA i'm such a nugget but it is nearly 2am :P

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Kinda planning something here

i am slowly making a 2nd blog for the premade recreations me and Omri are doing, the idea came up when i heard that EA tends to delete files randomly to save space, that kinda nerves me a bit since i work hard on recreating the appearance of the premades. So, so far i have saved most of the premades and placed them on Mediafire, i have worked on a logo too. What do you think? what can i improve? i do want to keep the glow though.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

EA Is Your Worst Company In America... more like the WORLD For 2012!

I just came across this thread this afternoon, it was called "Congrats EA... worst Cie in America for 2012 (Read, respond - hurry before EA locks this!!!)" you can find the thread here, but i wouldn't be all surprised if it gets deleted " "

which the link in that first post send me to here "Congrats EA – you are the worst company in America for 2012!" The thread is locked now (am i surprised?) but you can find it here but just in case that if it does go here are a few screenshots.

and that link leads to (which is the same link to the previous post above

"There have even been numerous accusations that EA and its ilk deliberately hold back game content with the sole intent of charging a fee for it at a later date. It's one thing to support a game with new content that is worth the price. It's another to put out an inferior — and occasionally broken — product with the mindset of "ah, we'll fix it later and make some money for doing so."

you can find the rest of the articul here

but lets get back to the thread, OhhJuliet said something which made me laugh lol, i think that golden poo should be a monument =P

Some truthful words by Worm

lol yeah real mature...

Also there was this video that was posted, Rachybop had a 4 hour phone call with customer services, well watch the video, if you think they are disgusting, well you'll think a lot more about them after you have seen this, honestly i have spoken to them before but only by email. Honestly how is this company around these days?

Just appalling EA, well... i don't really expect anything from them any more these days, but they do have a plus, if they didn't make TS3 i wouldn't of met all the awesome squishtasic people.

But still, EA-Sucks! enough said