Sunday, 4 March 2012

Google'ing yourself, lol what?

People say don't, but i did. I was just waiting for my Digital Media project to copy on to my memory stick for tomorrow's lesson, the random idea came into mind, i don't know i felt kinda curious, well on Google UK this was what found =P

this post from Mares about me made me laugh lol! they find my music choosing somewhat interesting? Took you a while to find that did you guys? this was AGES ago! lol i just find this quite funny. Thanks for making me laugh there!

Also another post that mares wrote was about Sim Forums, well i have to admit, thank you for linking the site to your blog it's pretty awesome there but i am surprised that none of your posts about the site gained any members but since Cor invited myself, Cat and Lisa it started to come alive. You can thank Cor later ;)

I did the same for my youtube channel named MsPenguin1992

and my DA account =P

well this has been interesting lol! i shall leave it that then, i really need to go and sort out my ankle, it's really starting to hurt for some reason :/ hope i haven't done anything stupid to make it hurt :/


  1. im afraid to google myself. i dont even WANT to know what comes up

  2. I'm with Zeri... I don't want to know lol...

  3. i know what you mean, but i was just curious, i typed in my real name and i share the same name as a American Singer who was born in 1962 =P my full name, just facebook lol