Friday, 30 March 2012


at last! just an hour and a few ago i finished my Critical Essay! 2000 words on World Music, i really pushed myself these last two days just to get it finished, and now i can enjoy my month off! well three weeks but you can call it a month =P Also i want to thank Jake for gifting me Luna Lakes, thank you ever so much! i honestly wonder where people get the money to spend on these little things, they cost so freaking much! But anyway i just want to say...

So i shall be sending my simself to Luna Lakes and see what happens :P would be pretty awesome to live in a mushroom though, but it's made by EA you can't do such a thing ;)

Oh also i wanted to post this, lol? what the hell? xD

erm? funny advice? hmm what i can suggest is dressing up with a top hat and cane, sing "Hello my baby" and do the can can, watch this how to video by Michigan J. Frog

Hope it helps ;) 

Oh Good Lord I am a tearful wreck!

if your not familiar to what happened to me this past month, than this may take a while for you to understand, i am a huge Phil Collins fan (that man is THE KING!) but i just played this song and i started to cry like i lost everything, it is a cute song but i just cried my eyes out, Woo Nelly i have just calmed down. *deep breath* this is the song, it's from the film Tarzan

awesome song, but good god i haven't cried that hard in a LONG time! O.O

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Rest In Peace Dear Edd

Edd was and still is one of my favourite animators, he created a 6-10 minute episode on youtube called Eddsworld. Here are the last two episodes that he has posted.

Eddsworld was an independent British comedic flash animation production company created by Edward Gould (known informally as Edd Gould) in 2004. Eddsworld was also part of CakeBomb (a dissolved media production collective).[1] Eddsworld comprised sixty-four episodes (called eddisodes), over 150 comics, flash games, and various art work distributed on the home website, YouTube, Albino Blacksheep, Newgrounds, DeviantART, and the BBC.[2] The episodes were the focal point of the organization, which starred Edd, Tom, Matt, and previously Tord and ran anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Animations were created solely by Edward Gould and co-written by himself and colleagues Tom Ridgewell, Tom Bown, Tord Larsson and Matt Hargreaves. Eddsworld was created using Adobe Flash, a computer animation program. On 25 March 2012, Gould died aged 23 after a six-year-long battle with cancer.

Edd inspired me to start drawing again (i didn't feel confident in my artwork) but with much practice i worked on it and then Pengy Sparkle Butt was born, i have thought about doing animations with Pengy but i need to figure out how to get an animation from flash player onto youtube, i have tried before but i didn't have much luck.

March is really a hell hole this year, first my best friend that died a few weeks back, and now Edd.


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I have to laugh lol....again xD

Oh dear, mares posted again and i had to laugh lol! well what's happened is that they have quoted on ItsJulies thread, she's going to make a Sims Town with simselves =P (can't wait till she updates!) this was part of the post that got me xD oh and i found an error too lol! Oh mares you is dyslexic xD

Omni? xD Chemno? lol

That seriously reminded me when i first saw an Omni plant xD at first i thought it said "Omri Plant" i almost rushed to go tell Omri that he has a plant in the game xD then i read it again and it did say Omni Plant -.-' i'd have to laugh that was one of the most funniest moments in my simming life xD Look it's easy to get mixed up with a r & a n see?

Omni *face palm & dies laughing* xD & i had to laugh from what they said about this :P

"Look no further than the chilling words she had for Chemno123/Omri147 to give notice of her true intent."
"A little bit too close for comfort to this famous quote, wethinks!"

lol! Brilliant! made my day even more awesome! which reminds me, this afternoon i have finished essay 1 (1500 words) i have one more essay to do (2000 words) before friday, i hate essays i can't wait to get these buggars done and over with, but it's University work isn't it? you expect more.

and about my simself? nah she'll be alright! she has the crazy cat with her! :D
but still Omni! xD the post has been up for more than 22 hours, you would of thought they'd spell check or something? you know read!

but anyway i just wanted to share this little nugget with ye all :P 

Monday, 26 March 2012

I haven't left blogger! Still alive!

i really so miss posting here, but  i have been so busy with my coursework it's unbelievable, i have just finished writing a 1000 word evaluation yesterday about my City Project, i really do hate meeting the target of a certain number of words :/ i still have got a 1500 word essay to finish and a 2000 word essay to start AND finish >.< Urgh and they are both due in on friday, if i don't get too distracted i'll be fine, and in other news some people are really starting to get on my nerves -.-' i don't really fancy reading about getting drunk and causing a certain amount of trouble, honestly this person i am talking about has some issues i do feel like pulling my hair out every time i see them. But anyway moving on...i have just created a awesome Uni"armpit"corn for Cor! :D you can find the happy little Squishy here ^-^

but here are a few pictures of her with Cor :P

anyhoo's i'll be more free after the 30th of the month, again sorry that i haven't been posting anything interesting, i just haven't had the time :/

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bahaha! Just Brilliant!

had a childish moment, i cracked up laughing at this xD

yes Pengy Sparkle Butt does have Butt Sparkles :P

14? xD on the other hand take the childish-ness out of it, there are some pretty weird people out there O.o

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

!הא! חחח

which means Ha! & Lol! (just wanted to write the title in hebrew for a change :P) i just want to share these with you guys lol i cracked up :P

lol sorry that i haven't posted anything oh so productive recently, the term is almost coming to an end and i have been a busy Squishy =d

Sunday, 18 March 2012

PICTURE SPAM! Leighton got Pollinated?

it's the only explication for the birth of Sam, so....Polly is Sam's mother! or father? O.o erm... complex-ness

So any hoo, picture spam time! and the word got out about Polly being Sam's mummy daddy, his class pulled faces at him all day :(

Leighton went out on his morning jog, this strange man bumped into him and looked at him the same way Lisa Bunch did with Sam, then i got distracted by this derpy looking dog :P i was skilling up with the drum set in the part, i saw this cute little kitty :D

Violet as a kiddy wink :D

i think i cracked the case why i keep seeing Marty a lot around town, i think he's got something for Leighton, damn girl look at him checkin' you out there mmm hmm ;) xD

Baby Mauve came into the picture, then the whole town panicked O_o 


Oh please... :/

Violet loves that horse ^-^

Tyrian had fun on the space rocket :D

Yumi died :(

i made a graveyard just for her, you can find here it looks a lot better in pictures than it does on the exchange :/

Erm... Is Marty ok?

Riannah and Tyrian aged up! :P Mauve is a toddler too but i forgot to take a picture :/

new decor ^-^

new and maybe the last baby? don't know, i found it hard to find a manly purple name so i went for green names so i picked Kadir it's a Arabic name

and to finish off one of Marty's kids :D