Friday, 21 October 2011

My Review On Confestions Of an Ace-Fan by Henry Jenkins

The text that I chose to write about is Confessions of a Aca-Fan by Henry Jenkins. In this review he talks about the highs and lows about twitter, first he questions about is Twitter really the right place to do his work? He questions about the site, how would it expand meaningfully, and would any good cause come out of it. In my opinion I think Twitter is a great way to promote your blog or anything else to that matter also a lot of internet uses use Facebook so in another term creating a page on Facebook would do just as good as a Twitter account. Reading on Henry comments that it is a serious loss to digital culture myself personally I do not agree with that I feel that Twitter is more of an “add on” for the digital age of course there are people out there that don’t agree with social networks, that’s fine. The internets has more features than those type of networks so they are easy to avoid but I must admit they have some low points but that is another story, so would Twitter replace blogs? I highly doubt it these two applications are very different and they both serve two very different causes, Henry believes this would happen, I do think change will happen but only to Twitter, I see that Twitter will become more of a advertising site rather than a status and celebrity following site. But later on in the review he talks about the pros about Twitter he likes the idea of being connected with his followers and with the people he subscribes to, he feels that it is a nice community and he is very happy that his co-worker created his account for him. He points out that the site is a good place to get your answers answered quick no matter what it is, but I think he is talking about computer based problems I assume that plenty of computer technicians use Twitter, he goes on talking about his project “Here it is” he says that it represents Twitter as a means of sharing links and pointers to other places on the web. I myself have no idea what he would achieve out of this project but it would be interesting on what would happen in the end. I have noticed a few strong points in his text, and I have to agree with him on this one I myself have a blog and not many people view it so like I have mentioned  
 above that I think that Twitter is very useful to advertise a blog because the application reaches out to so many people around the word. But on the other hand it is not a substitute for blogs, I see that as a very strong point in the text. Just to finish off I would like to explain what points in this text that could help me with my studies, Twitter can be useful if I need to ask questions about a certain subject or find a target audience, I think it would be a good place to do something like that.

Link to the review

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Week 3

a bit of a late update i have been busy this weekend, friday i had a meet up with Lou Adam and Brandon, Danny didn't make an effort to come, i even told him the next train to come down on, but he just went home, i planed this day for him, i should of learned by now he never turns up to birthdays or any other get togethers, i feel like he doesn't put any effort into meeting us, all he wants to do is play games and hang around with his boyfriend, i even got him a gift and card, i don't think he deserves it, so i am sending it to a friend who has been helping me a lot recently, at this moment of time i am waiting for them to PM me their address. i'll just plop Danny's address on the card, that is just one way i can get it to him at the moment.

Saturday, this was a lazy day, really it was, i woke up with a sleep hangover and i couldn't do much about it, if i went to bed early it would mess up my sleep pattern, i was going to start my review for next friday but my brain was pretty much dead

as for the rest of the week the train didn't bother coming on monday, so i couldn't make it, so i did most of my work at home, i got a lot done though, my proposal is down and ready, i hope thats what she wanted, tuesday i was in another new group for radio and i hope it is the final group i mean i hate changing groups, i need to settle down and i hardly have yet, well in my little group for the sound bit there is a guy called Peter and Sasha from my Doc course, and as for the rest of the week it went by very quick again, i got more Hummus :D i love the stuff :D 

Friday, 7 October 2011

Where are the weeks going?

i honestly wonder where the time is going, i honestly swear it was monday yesterday O.o and watching that weird documentary, it was about some woman that was "sleeping around" and trying to get famous, there where parts of a middle aged man i didn't want to see >.< ewww. But enough of that, i don't want to talk about that, its just blah. So during the week my timetable has been changed and messed about with which was a pain, i was getting settled in, when i moved into a new group there was more work to do well Media and Rep, i need to write a review on something before next week, i am stupidly puzzled :/ you'd think they'd start slowly or something for the first few weeks don't you? This is my timetable for the next week

i also got two hoodies from the Uni shop this week, i only wore the purple one the blue one is still in its packaging i might get more, they do cost £25

what do you think? its very snuggie ^^ and also i am a little confused about this, its not hard to find a glitch in sims is it?

what do you think? before hand my laptop died from the lack of power

oh and before i forget i have been taking a few photos click here to see them i hope you like them!