Thursday, 11 August 2011

New Blog! :D

hello folks! Rachy here now i have been thinking of making a second blog for sometime though, something on the side from my Ace Foxtura story, which by the way i promise that i will write chapter four as soon as i can! i have been busy playing other games and trying to sort out my body clock, and...learning hebrew has also taken up my time too, i just need to pronounce a few words better and learn WH words i have been given, they include why, what, where, when, how, ect. also i thought it might help if i watched some Israeli telly, well i know how to connect a TV now! *heehee* after watching that i know how to say lehitrao'ot better (which means goodbye). Such a pretty language though and it is always good to learn something new! and i have an awesome teacher! for every toffee apple i'd give him for helping me he'd be swimming in them, literately (lol)

on another note if anyone who hasn't seen my short film Gun Point, if you like food and slapstick silliness then where the devil have you been? Gun Point is my series on youtube, its about love! loss! and Cheerios, here is a link to episode two, i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing it and filming it! and sorry about the folks laughing in the background they couldn't keep quiet! heh heh xP

in future news i am planning to go to the cinema sometime next week with my friend Adam to watch the new Inbetweeners film, at first i didn't think very highly of it but seeing the trailer i am thinking differently, maybe we'd get some popcorn! :D i love popcorn *^-^* i think we will be going on a monday though, i need to check my phone to see if i got a text back from him, its gonna be fun fun fun!

and the last chunk of nugget for this update, i guess that most of you have heard of the riots down here, and i can tell you i am so ashamed by it, this isn't England! not the England that i know, the country should stand proud! i hope the government gets their act together and kick these thugs out of this country! they are an embarrassment to the United Kingdom, they are an embarrassment to Europe! i am just happy that its no where near i live, i can only hope that.

to finish on a lighter note i am watching  Family Guy! :D (lol)  

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  1. Hello, Rachy! How good to hear from you. I am glad that you are nowhere near the riots as well. Looking forward to future posts!