Friday, 19 August 2011

and so we continue on the EA forum

i was just on simpletons a min ago to hear someone created Miley Cyrus, haha seriously? the person who created her is the same age as me roughly, she is a role model for little kids for goodness sake! my goodness what has the world come to? she is a terrible singer, she literately makes my ears bleed, well not bleed but they ache, this simmer was asking opinions on her, most of the simmers said that she didn't look like Miley, he nose is wrong, something like that, here are a few examples i picked up

I sorry but she doesn't look like miley :lol:

Looks nothing like her. And I mean NOTHING like her.

sorry I agree. I think it's her nose- it's nice and thin whereas Miley's is bigger and flatter and sorta upturned (which sounds bad but IRL looks fine)

and this was the "creators" reply

Miley is a million times more beautiful and classier than a Sim. I really do not know why people hate her and regard her as... things she is not. She still wears a purity ring.

heh yeah right you can not be serious, here is my opinion, if i was to see your sim i assume she would be very pretty and i would of rec'd her, but sadly your profile is hidden, hmm, my opinion on Miley in real life, a nut shell she looks like she has been dragged backwards through a bush, she has a face like a slapped arse, seriously what do people see in her? she is a load of fake, Disney is nothing these days what the hell happened to Mickey Mouse? he made Disney i bet he is turning in his grave right now and i don't blame the poor fello.

and in other news, if you have been living under a rock the past day, i have been accepted at the University of Lincoln! :D i shall be getting some letters pretty soon from UCAS and the Uni about starting times, and dad wants to get some new gear before the term starts.

Untill Next Time! Lehitrao'ot! and...


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Ace Foxtura!

i thought i'd show you all Danny's Ace Foxtura what do you all think? i think it's epic! :D

and also in other news i got in contact with the UCAS about my application apparently track has been put on hold they have told me to check tomorrow since it would go live also dad said if i don't hear anything from the Uni by the 1st, i shall get in contact with either the college or the Uni, cause seriously they should get their act together

also in other news i simply love Lisa's story! :D i can't wait to see my simself baby as a toddler :3 babies are so cute and smelly ^-^

 by the way she called the little one Macy :D

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


and so i have just received my diploma through the post this morning, and to find that i have earned  a triple merit grade, merit merit merit or in other words MMM, or a B, i must admit it is a pretty good grade, but i just feel like i could do better you know i even did extra work to try and reach to a DMM, but sadly what i did, it didn't make the cut, and so i sent an email to the project managers earlier today still no reply from them yet, i just hope it's good news or something you know i really want to get into uni D:

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Best In Me

a short one today, on Simpletons i am egar to see what Lisa is going to do with all the simselfs! i wonder if mine causes a bit of trouble! i think it would be something like Hippie's thread or something, well i hope i don't pee on anyone's shoes! ha oh i found that quite funny, i must preform! screw with all the peeing that can wait! or can it? O.o no it can't it seems, i wonder if anyone gets pregnant? i hope she has enough room cause babies are cute :3

in other news my trip to the cinema is on pause cause the cinema's website hasn't updated yet, i hope it has some earlier times 8pm was the earliest, and well i don't feel safe walking home at that time due to the fact of the riots, there are some wired people in this town, and some are real funny looking, darn chavs >.>

also i am excited that there is going to be a happy feet two! :D i am so gonna watch that! pretty obvious isn't it? ;) so for this occasion i think i found my "heart song" ;) i think it is a beautiful song, i ♥ blue :D

Lehitrao'ot! :P

Friday, 12 August 2011

Holy Sock Puppet In A Sausage Factory! O:

i am in quite a happy mood today! well lets start off with the Sim business cause most of the people that read this love sims ;) so yes i was minding my own business on simpltons, Omri randomly posted a link to sims vip it was about Hidden Springs, i must admit it is a very nice town, i hope it doesn't cost too much i hate it when you have to pay for towns, how come riverview was free? urgh its just money making with them, but anyway i was just watching it and the lady came across a household called Swete! lol you have no idea how happy that made me! if you know me well or in person then you'll understand! but i guess you'd know which household i shall be playing first! apparently its a grumpy old man...hmm, must be my dad. ha! on other sim news i have been lurking the forum (as i always do) and i came across a thread, all i am saying it's about Liam, and my my there was a bit of firting in there i have no idea if those two simmers where playing around or something but i am a nosey buggar lol, also there was a bit of competitions between two members, i had no idea what was going off but it was fun to read lol. also on another topic i saw a thread where a simmer just found out that sims can be gay/lesbian...seriously? i am sorry but that is easy to find out, quite a few of my simself's children have been gay/lesbian it doesn't bother me, if they are happy i am happy ^-^

and in other news my plans to go with Adam to the cinema have been pushed forward a bit due to the fact that since the film is coming out next wednesday the whole screening would be packed and it would be very highly that the tickets would be sold out, so we are not going next monday but the monday afterwards, i am getting popcorn! :D!! and also i think i am ready for another walk outside, during the summer i get really board. i think the riots are kinda dieing down i have not heard much on the news today, well the sooner the better i mean get rid of them youths the cleaner the country is you know, if a country can not handle youths that act like that then what kind of country are we? sad really.

and so i may not be getting a railcard, i mean it is only £5 or something to go to Lincoln and back it isn't much and if worst comes to worst i'd still have my phone on me, and i think it is best if i kept my card with me (credit card) just in case i need to take a quick bit of money out maybe for lunch or if i am sort on for a ride home, again only 20mins by the train not bad, the only one that fits well, well from what i can think of is, lets say if Uni starts at 9am, i need to get there on time, i found the perfect time, the train leaves north gate (near my house) at 07:40 and gets to the city centre at 08:12 plenty of time to walk slow and go pee :P but enough peeing for the moment, apparently i may be getting my diploma soon, i just hope its the DDM, i really need that grade to get into Documentary.

and the last bit before i finish off, i just got a word from my dad about our nosey next door neighbour and well he is being evicted out in the next two weeks! this is great news, no more complaining from dad! :D and well the noise didn't really bother me though, i sleep like the dead lol

until next time! Lehitrao'ot! :D

Thursday, 11 August 2011

New Blog! :D

hello folks! Rachy here now i have been thinking of making a second blog for sometime though, something on the side from my Ace Foxtura story, which by the way i promise that i will write chapter four as soon as i can! i have been busy playing other games and trying to sort out my body clock, and...learning hebrew has also taken up my time too, i just need to pronounce a few words better and learn WH words i have been given, they include why, what, where, when, how, ect. also i thought it might help if i watched some Israeli telly, well i know how to connect a TV now! *heehee* after watching that i know how to say lehitrao'ot better (which means goodbye). Such a pretty language though and it is always good to learn something new! and i have an awesome teacher! for every toffee apple i'd give him for helping me he'd be swimming in them, literately (lol)

on another note if anyone who hasn't seen my short film Gun Point, if you like food and slapstick silliness then where the devil have you been? Gun Point is my series on youtube, its about love! loss! and Cheerios, here is a link to episode two, i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing it and filming it! and sorry about the folks laughing in the background they couldn't keep quiet! heh heh xP

in future news i am planning to go to the cinema sometime next week with my friend Adam to watch the new Inbetweeners film, at first i didn't think very highly of it but seeing the trailer i am thinking differently, maybe we'd get some popcorn! :D i love popcorn *^-^* i think we will be going on a monday though, i need to check my phone to see if i got a text back from him, its gonna be fun fun fun!

and the last chunk of nugget for this update, i guess that most of you have heard of the riots down here, and i can tell you i am so ashamed by it, this isn't England! not the England that i know, the country should stand proud! i hope the government gets their act together and kick these thugs out of this country! they are an embarrassment to the United Kingdom, they are an embarrassment to Europe! i am just happy that its no where near i live, i can only hope that.

to finish on a lighter note i am watching  Family Guy! :D (lol)